July 1, 2016

Work/Life Balance when Working from Home

Work Life Balance

When you work from home, either blogging, freelance writing, or doing SEO (search engine optimization), it can be easy to either fall too deeply into the work or be tempted to take too much time off. In order to properly balance the amount of work you do with your personal time by limiting the amount of your life you’re willing to devote to working. There are a few easy things you can do in order to get enough work done without letting it take over your life, and here we’ll go over a few of these simple tricks so you can keep your life in balance.

The first rule of working from home, whether you do light blogging or more intensive internet marketing and SEO, is to stay organized. Even though you can probably make your own hours and work as much as you want, it’s probably a good idea to have a set time every day that you put aside for work. By having this pre-determined time each day, you can have a few hours where you can sit at the computer without feeling rushed, and get your work done in a comfortable environment. It might help to make that time part of the day where you have nothing else to do, in order to decrease the number of distractions.

In contrast, working for a set period each day can also start to feel like being stuck in a rut, so it sometimes helps to change up your schedule. The great thing about working from home is that you have control over the amount of time you spend working, as well as when you choose to work. If you feel like you need a change of pace, then trying a different time for work or even splitting up your workday into two or more segments can help.

Balancing your free time and personal life with your work day can be tricky when you work from a home computer, especially if many of the ways you relax or take time to yourself involve a computer or other screen (blogging, movies, games, etc.). In fact, often times going from working on a computer to relaxing on a computer can feel like you’re still working, so it’s important to take breaks from the screen and find other ways to take time off from work. Making sure you get out of the house after working is a good way to take the stress off.

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  1. I am very happy with my choice of working from Home. I can take care of my family, and be productive at the same time. Also I am the one who decides on vacation!!!!!

    • I totally agree with that.
      If you want a raise…. Simply work a little longer, a little harder, or take on an extra project.

      No running to upper management and trying to explain why you need a raise! :)

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  3. I find working at home can, at times, be just as stressful as working ‘for the man’ as they say. If you find you suddenly are bombarded with work yet cannot afford the luxury to turn it down those eight hour days can quickly turn into sixteen hour days.

    Having said that I would not change it for the world. I have spent the whole day shopping with my daughter who is off school for the summer, and have the freedom to do so. True, it means I am sat here in front of the screen at 2.50 am, but at least I can allow myself a lie in tomorrow!

  4. True, working from home can sometimes test our limitations. Working from home is convenient but when workloads are heavy we overdo it sometimes by sitting for long hours until we drop down. Its really important to be organized and work accordingly whether its an online business or its a blog that we’re running.