July 26, 2016

Top 10 reasons I’m going to succeed in business


A year ago I left a position in management with a national company in order to pursue my dream of owning and running my own home based business which would allow me the freedom to live my life the way I truly wanted to. I chose Internet marketing and now spend each and every day building my business, living my life, and loving my new job.

We’ve all heard the statistics stating that most new businesses fail in the first few years. I want to share with you the top 10 reasons that I’m going to succeed in the hopes that you can apply some of them to your life or business and succeed right alongside me.

Reason #1

My focus, I have incredible focus and dedication. I know that the only thing standing between me and my dreams are myself, and perhaps time. By focusing a great deal of attention on obstacles in front of me I’m able to overcome each roadblock I come across along my journey. Focus is the key.

Reason #2

I have a great passion for what I do, I love it, and I still can’t believe I get paid to do it. If you can find something you love and are able to turn it into a job, and still love it, you found a winning recipe for a successful business. Love what you do.

Reason #3

I know where I’m going! Now this might seem simple and obvious to some, but so many people in so many businesses fail to map out just where they wish to go and what it is they wish to accomplish and spend much of their time heading in directions that are not congruent with the lines of their business. Having a roadmap showing you just where you wish to go and how you’re going to get their will go a long way toward furthering your chances for success.

Reason #4

organizational skills are something I wasn’t born with but that I had to develop, running your own business means being so many different people possessing so many different skills, I’m a writer, web designer, marketer, customer service rep, and search engine optimization tech, just to name a very few. Keeping all these skills and all these aspects of my business running smoothly requires a great deal of organization.

Reason #5

I surrounded myself with people who want me to succeed. I’m not the first person to choose this career path, and I won’t be the last. Fortunately all those who have gone before me are willing to share their knowledge, and secrets on all aspects of this business.

Reason #6

I have a great thirst for knowledge, as I pointed out there are many who are willing to share the valuable lessons that they’ve learned along the way and if you are willing to be a student, and absorb as much as you can, then there is more information than you could possibly absorb a lifetime that can help ensure the success of both you and your business.

Reason #7

When I fail, and I will likely fail many times, I learn from each and every one. Now it’s up to us to take those hard lessons and apply them to future decisions so that we don’t make the same mistakes again. In the beginning, I dreaded failing now I look forward to it because I know it’s bringing me one step closer to my success. If I could offer you just one piece of advice on this, it would be, fail fast!

Reason #8

I have adopted the mentality that I will help as many people as I can do the very things I’m doing, I’ll share my secrets, my successes, and even my failures with anyone wishing to listen, and learn. By giving back, I’ll be contributing something worthy to an industry that I love and believe in, and I have no doubt that I will be the better person for it.

Reason #9

I simply will not give up! I will push forward, until I reach the goals at which I’m aiming, and each and every day, I’ll take steps toward my goals, until one day, I’m going to find myself there!

Reason #10

I believe in myself, in fact it goes much further than that! I have no doubt that I will succeed, and have only to keep to the path I’ve laid out for myself. I’ve succeeded in other aspects of life, and I will succeed in this one.

Now these are just the top ten reasons for me, I’m sure each of you will have some of your own, or perhaps we share some between us, either way, it’s going to be a hell of a ride!

About Warren

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  1. I agree, when you’re passionate about something – its a lot easier to succeed in that business because you know a lot, and you can build upon your ideas.

    Sometimes we have to fail in order to succeed.

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  3. In order to achieve Success one must first” Believe “in Success. Having the inner desire and ability to believe in yourself first and foremost is the key.Then you take” Action”and implement a plan!! Finally last and most importantly satisfying your customers needs and wants.Success soon will follow.