September 17, 2014

SEO in 10 easy Tips

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Having your site top-ranked for a hot keyword can effectively improve your traffic and therefore your profits as well. All you need to do is to optimize your content and create many links of different quality. But if you don’t have any money to start off, it’s hard but it can be done.

You may also have the money it takes for reaching a top position, but are unsure if your money will be well spent or not. It may cost you a whole lot more than you thought in the beginning.

Whether you have the money or not, considering a self-made budget SEO is a wise thing to do, because it’s both free and educating. After a while, you will gradually improve your technique and you will become an SEO expert. Once you’re there, you will be able to perform as good as a paid SEO but saving the money it takes to hire one.

Here’s 10 free ways to improve your rankings

1. Directory submissions - The most effective way in getting lots of back links fast. Grab a good directory list and submit your link in every single directory. Make sure that you get a few new back links every day to ensure long term success. The best way to do that is by viewing all new directory announcements in Digital Point forum Solicitations & Announcements section.

2. Article Submissions - Almost every single article directory on the web is free. Article directories are a good compliment to ordinary directories because it will bring you more diversity in your back link structure. Write a good article with more than 500 words and include a back link to your site and submit it to all major article directories. Hope fully, if your article is good, some webmaster will pick it and put it on their own sites, so you’re not only getting back links from the article directories themselves, you are also getting free back links from real sites, which is very valuable in search engines like Google.

3. - A good source to collect incoming links. Do you have any content that is related to any Wikipedia article? In that case, you can edit the Wikipedia article and input your link on the link page. Make sure that the content you are linking meets up with the standard, otherwise, your link will be removed as fast as it came up.

4. Onpage SEO - Onpage optimization was the most important SEO technique available before 2001. Today, it does not have the same decisive factor that it once had. It is however still very useful to do some basic onpage SEO. Make sure that your targeted keywords are included in the title, the headline and the footer. Make sure that you always provide some fresh content on the pages that you specifically want to optimize. Provide it at least with an RSS feed. But most important, make sure that the onpage SEO does not overshadow the content and make your site look less useful.

5. - Post a press release once you release your site. It will help you a little bit in the rankings, but most importantly, if your Press release is good, you will get some natural links generated by PRWeb’s users.

6. - MySpace has recently become one of the hottest music sites on the internet. It has also become one of the most effective places to market yourself. Just make a profile for your site there, and then try to get as many friends as possible. Post links to your sites on other profiles, post bulletins of your site and if it’s cool enough, you will get some natural back links in return.

7. Ask for back links - Send out nice original emails to other webmasters that have similar sites. Write some sentences about what you think of their site or anything related to the subject of their site. When you get the reply, answer them, tell them something more and then ask for a reciprocal or a one-way link.

8. Forums - Forums are not only a great place to discuss things but also a good resource for generating back links, feedback and traffic. Put a link in your signature. Make a post about your site or even better, make a post about something and then make a related link to your site. Note, go for inactive forums, they tend to give more weight than the active ones and your link will be displayed over a longer time.

9. Make satellite sites - Put up a site with some content on e.g. and include a back link to your site somewhere, then submit the satellite site to somewhere around 100 directories so it will be indexed in Google, and you got a high quality back link.

10. Paid Options -  Also, SEO is an area where there are lots of paid alternatives that may help you in getting a good ranking. Some of these are paid article submission, paid onpage optimization, paid directory submission paid link exchanges and paid links. If you are good on doing directory submissions but bad on onpage SEO, you can charge for making directory submissions for others and then hire someone to do onpage SEO for you.

The Galactic Empire’s Guide to SEO

The Galactic Empire’s Guide to SEO

A long time ago, on an internet far, far away, there was a thing called SEO, and it made millions of webmasters frustrated. However, you don’t have to join the ranks of those millions. Here are some tips to help you master the force of SEO.

Relevant Content

The Galactic Empire showed a single-minded focus on taking over and destroying those who stood in its way. It focused on removing the Jedi from power by hunting down all the Jedi and killing them. When the Empire built the Death Star (both the first and second), it was clear what the point of the space station was. From including “death” in the name to blowing up an entire planet, the Empire stayed true to its goal.

Make sure that your site stays true to its goal by having relevant content for your business. The more on-topic you stay, the higher Google and other search engines will rank your site, because the topic of your site will be clear. This relevance has to do with not only your company’s site itself, but also any other social media profiles you have for your company. Keep everything you share relevant to your business.

Organic Links

All lightsabers are constructed with crystals at their heart, and the Jedi guard the caves where the crystals grow organically. These crystals dictate what color a lightsaber is, but because the Sith (and later, the Galactic Empire) didn’t have access to the natural crystals, they had to make their lightsabers from synthetic crystals, which were often red-hued, reflecting their unorganic nature.

Organic links, like crystals, are always better than synthetic links. When you try to buy or sell links to your site, you’re cheating your way into getting a higher PageRank, and you’re practicing what’s called Black Hat SEO. This practice sticks out. People can recognize it the instant they enter a site, just like a Sith is recognized by his red lightsaber. Search engines are getting very good at finding and recognizing sites that practice Black Hat SEO, and when they find them, they punish them judiciously.

By acquiring links naturally and organically, your SEO may take a little longer to reach the same level, but you won’t have to worry about your site losing its rank. When your competitors’ sites drop rank because of dishonest practices, your site can rise higher, because of your honesty in link-building.

Multiple Methods

Although the Galactic Empire had a single-minded focus on control and intimidation, it didn’t branch out into other ways to achieve these goals. When the first Death Star was destroyed, the Empire responded by building another, bigger Death Star. It should’ve expanded its hold on the people in more ways than just the Stormtroopers and the Death Star, but it didn’t, and this lack of expansion left it weak. The Rebel Alliance, who had already destroyed one Death Star, only had to tweak their plan here and there to destroy the second one, and when they did, the Empire’s hold fell apart.

If you want strong SEO, you need to try multiple techniques to build it up. You can’t focus solely on link-building. You have to try new methods. You have to do things like use social media channels and guest blogging. The wider your attempt at building your SEO, the stronger it will be. That strength will help the next time Google updates their algorithm, changing how they view PageRank.

Don’t let your lack of knowledge about SEO damage your site and rankings. You can master SEO with the same efficiency with which the Empire controlled the galaxy. May the Force (of SEO) be with you.

Jake Magleby  has written extensively about effective marketing, sales, and financing strategies, like a business cash advance, to help small business owners succeed in the fast-paced and ever-changing business world. He’s a part-time consultant for Charge Card Funding, and he has an interest in education and development.

Link Building Isn’t Dead – It Changed

Link Building Isn’t Dead - It Changed

How many times in the past 2 months have you read a post about link building and SEO? I ask this because I have read 5 in the past day and most of them are saying that link building is dead. Now, is link building dead? No, link building is not dead, it has just changed.

The problem with the way most people would build links a few months ago is that they were getting links from very poor websites and this in turn go their websites penalized by Google. What you need to understand is that link building is something that doesn’t stop and there is no quick way to rank on the top of the search engines. If you ever hear somebody tell you that they will guarantee your rankings, and then just know that it is a lie and all they are going to do is get your website penalized. Trust me, I know because I hired somebody to do that with one of my experimental sizes about 8 months ago.

So, how has link building changed?

Link building has changed because now it is all about building a reputation. For example, if you have a blog then you should have reviews about that blog. This is where AngliesList comes in and even Yelp. The problem that many people have is they are too focused on building links on other sites just like theirs, through comments, through forum links, and even social bookmarks. What you need to realize is that everything is changing because now Google is not the only one running the internet, Facebook is there too.

Ways to Succeed With Link Building

Guest Posts – One of the best way to get more links is through guest posts. The best part about a guest post is that your link will show up on another person’s blog and with more than a million blogs out there, you are bound to get some on high ranking websites. Where most people make the mistake here is they submit their posts to really low quality blogs, if you want to succeed, then you need to put yourself out there and publish only on high ranking sites. One piece of advice that I have for you is to make sure you create a post that people will want to read and not just something that has been talking about for forever and a day.

Reviews – Yes, reviews are making a big hit these days. The reason review sites are starting to pick up as far as links go is because Google has realized that these are generated by users and that is the best way to tell a users experience on the site. If you have a few reviews on sites like Angieslist or Yelp, then you will notice that your rankings will be higher because of it. Now, don’t go out and plaster reviews all over the internet, instead, build a few each week.

YouTube – Yes, YouTube is a great way to get links. The best part about YouTube is that you can put your link on their site and when somebody comes and uses your video, your link will show up on their site. The reason I like this method is because more people are using video now than anything else. Trust me, this does work and that is why I suggest using it.

One thing that you will notice about link building is that it is only going to get harder and harder to affect your own rankings. Many people could do this without any problems a few years ago, but with all the changes you will notice that it is not easy anymore. Just remember, link building is a long and tedious process that you need to work at.

2013 Marketing Software Solutions (Infographic)

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This yearly award comes from WordStream, a leader in Google AdWords account management.

Steps To Proper Blogging After Google’s Over-Optimization Penalty

Steps To Proper Blogging After Google’s Over-Optimization Penalty

As you probably already know, the Over-Optimization penalty was introduced the other day. If you are like me and most of the internet, then you felt the impact of the penalty. Just to give you an idea Google’s, Matt Cutts said that this would effect roughly 3.1% of all English sites but from reading other blogs, forums and even getting emails I am convinced that this effected much more than that.

Now, Google is not going to come out and say they are going back to the pre over-optimization days, so we all need to get ready to change our sites and do things the Google way. Below, you will see a video that outlines what you should do first in order to get your site ranking again in Google’s search engine. It is highly recommended that you start there and then follow the steps below in order to blog the way that Google wants you to blog.

You can also see the video on Youtube – Get Rankings Back After Google’s Over Optimization Penalty

Steps To Proper Blogging

Write Quality And Unique Content

If you are not already doing this, then you need to start right now. The benefit of writing quality and unique content is that you will not be able to get more natural links and that is what Google wants. What you need to remember is that we are all playing Google’s game now and you have to follow their rules. Google loves quality and unique content and now, so should you.

Create A Community

Do you participate in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and all the other community driven sites? If not, then now is the time to start. We all know that social media will be the future of the internet and Google is smart enough to consider that in their rankings. Whether they go by Twitter followers or Facebook interaction isn’t sure yet, but what is sure is that they love social interaction.

Build Quality Links

Google has always stated that they rank quality over quality and that is a for sure thing now. Instead of creating hundreds of article links or blog comments, create one web 2.0 article and link to that. Doing this will take the risk away from your website yet you will get all the benefits from it. I know this sounds a little strange but creating one PR2 link on a web 2.0 property is much more valuable than 50 PR0 links pointing directly to your site.

Blogging after this most recent Google update will be different but that doesn’t mean you won’t make it through. Just stick to what Google has told us already and make sure your site is compliant with Google’s best blogging practices.


Author Bio:

This is a guest post by Adam Snyder at If you want more articles like this, then you can get all DormRoomCash’s articles by email.

5 Tips To Improve Sales Copy Now

5 Tips To Improve Sales Copy Now

Sales copy is something that every blogger needs to get better at, whether you think so or not it is true. I say this because at some point you will need to use it and you want to be able to use it effectively. For example, if you want to sell people on signing up for a free eBook, then you will need to know what effective sales copy is and how you can use it.

Most people think that sales copy is only for selling eBooks, affiliate products and things like that, however, it can be utilized in blog posts as well. Do you want to get more people to follow you on Twitter or Facebook, if so, then using sales copy to sell people on connecting with you is a must.

Sales copy is used in many different ways and for lots of different reasons. Am I saying that you need to learn more about sales copy, no, but it wouldn’t hurt if you did. As a blogger, it should be your goal to be the best that you can be and I am going to share with you some tips that will help you do just that.

Improve Your Sales Copy Now

Don’t Promise The World

One tip that I have for you is to never promise the world and then under-deliver. This is what so many people do and it won’t last long for you. It will only take one upset person to tell others that you are promising something that you are not actually giving. Do yourself a favor and tell people exactly what you are selling them on, this way everybody is happy in the end.

Give Proof

One way to improve your sales copy is to provide proof. Whether you are trying to sell somebody on how many people are signing up for your eBook or why a coarse you are selling really works, giving proof to it will greatly affect you sales copy. Just know that a little bit of proof can go a long way, especially if the readers is new to your blog because you have not built that trust level up just yet.

Solve A Problem

A great way to improve your sales copy is to solve a problem. Most people think they can write sales copy with selling in mind, however, people buy/signup for things to solve some type of problem. If you want to ensure that your sales copy works, then solving a problem is the best way to go about doing it.

Write With Humans In Mind Not SEO

I don’t know how many people do this, but you should never write for SEO and not humans. A lot of people focus on getting ranked high on Google and because of that they focus more on using keywords and the right keyword density without even thinking about what actual humans want to read. Don’t write for SEO purposes only, concentrate more on humans reading your content.

Don’t Hard Sell

The last thing is very simple, never hard sell. When you try to hard sell the only thing that happens is that you will drive readers away. Nobody wants to feel like they are buying a used car, so don’t sell to them that way.

Sales copy is very important but if you don’t know how to do it effectively, then it is a waste of time. Go ahead and try some of these things to improve your sales copy and let me know how they work out for you. I know for myself that these have help out quite a bit.

Images On Blog Posts Can Make The Difference

Images On Blog Posts Can Make The Difference

Impact of Nice Images on Blog Posts

Imagine an article on a delicious cupcake with a wonderful recipe. What comes to your mind instantly? Definitely it would be none other than a mouthwatering cupcake. The reason is that human mind thinks in the form of images. That is why people reading the same novel perceives differently as they create images in accordance to their personal choices. This human nature can be very effectively used to make eye-catching blog posts.

You should be very careful in the selection of images. They should compliment, not overwhelm your blog. The image should be closely related to the content otherwise it would leave a negative impact.

Images can be created on your own in different paint programs. Some nice photographs can also be used for the purpose.   Images have a very lasting impact on viewer’s mind. Using effective images can have a number of benefits like:

1.       Friendly Interface:

All kind of blog posts cannot contain images but they can be used when you have long text. A wonderfully written blog can suddenly become boring if written in a monotonous way. Images have got the unique ability of catching attention and maintaining reader’s’ interest. Single or multiple images if used in the proper manner can create friendly blogs.

2.       Lasting Results:

Nice images have got a long lasting impact but make sure that the image should have high quality resolution and should not be blur.

3.       Better SEO:

Another interesting feature of using images is that search engines rank blogs higher who have got better visibility. Google ranks those websites higher who have got good content and whose pages don’t look alike.

4.       Different Feel With Varying Alignments:

This can further be enhanced by varying alignments, i.e. one page can contain right alignment of image, other can have left alignment etc. With the help of these minor differences, each page in your blog posts can have a different feel and impact.

5.       More Impact with Borders:

You can simply add borders to your images by applying stroke effect in Photoshop. This will increase page’s beauty and will allow the image to suddenly popup.

6.       Effective Screenshots:

Screenshots are a great form of images which can be widely used while explaining any kind of software and referring to any menu particularly.

7.       High Engagement:

With so many blogs on the internet, it becomes difficult to engage the audience. Your blog should have something unique and striking. Images, if used properly serve the purpose and increase the overall quality of the page too. Reader’s experience can therefore be enhanced by use of simple yet effective visuals.

8.       Increase in Traffic:

You can certainly increase the traffic to your blog posts too by attracting and engaging more viewers through proper use of images. .

With the use of nice and relevant images where necessary, you can thus generate some real awesome blog posts with loyal audience who can ultimately prove to be a big source of inspiring others too.


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7 ways to Generate Web traffic for your own website

7 ways to Generate Web traffic for your own website

Generating Traffic for Success on the Internet

To successfully unite the words: internet, marketing, and income, you’ll require another term: traffic. This is the reason why there is so much conversation and even total obsession with regards to the subject. Let’s assume that you are about to sell a product or service and the basics of the website are well ensured, what you will do now is to attract traffic into your site. Needless to mention, other websites desire traffic as well which include your opponents, therefore, getting traffic must be your top priority.

To aid you in getting traffic, below are a few techniques which are reliable if applied appropriately.

Ways to Obtain Traffic for your Website

  1. Promote on search engines – Microsoft AdCenter and Google AdWords supply ways to obtain traffic immediately. Of course, the most reliable way of obtaining traffic is by paying out for it. But whether you’ll have sufficient cash leftover to male income after traffic has arrive isn’t so sure. A catalog site or sales letter should be very convincing to create a worthwhile generation of traffic.
  2. Viral Marketing – Another of the no or low cost site promotion methods is viral marketing. It’s quite a tricky method; however, it could be relatively effective. The concept is connecting the link or name of your company to a specific kind of media like funny video, entertaining game or interesting article.
  3. Trade links with some other websites – Through trading links with various other websites, both websites benefit from the marketing efforts of each other. Theoretically, you could expect more traffic if you’ve exchanged more links. But actually, Google is frowning on link exchange for its personal sake.
  4. Use keywords effectively in the content of the site – Search engines are displaying content within their results on the basis of keywords which are entered by individuals. Select keywords which are regularly searched, but don’t have too several other websites supplying information for the keywords.
  5. Join online forums and communities – Present suggestion within forums that relate to your field of expertise. A few forums will permit you to include signature line into your post having links back into your website. Ensure to always give helpful information and suggestion, not only bald-faced ads for your site. Nonetheless, this method would function better for a few topics like Internet Marketing compared for others.
  6. Write articles to obtain traffic for the website – Submit articles about topics that are related to the subject of the website. For instance, if your website is dealing with iPhones, you can write regarding popular iPhone tricks and tips and apps. Ensure to incorporate your link and site description at the ending of the every article you submit.
  7. Present newsletter to the visitors of the website – It is essential to get individuals on the mailing list. To encourage individuals to sign up, you could offer incentives like free valuable e-book. Ensure that the form for signing up is on each website’s page.

Be Careful in Using a Method to Get the Best Outcomes

You can try all of the methods that were mentioned above to generate traffic. However, because you’ve a limited time, you’ll likely desire to focus on two or even three methods that appear to present a good number of prospective for you. Carefulness in whatever technique you select would bring the most excellent results.

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How To Rank First Place On YouTube [Video SEO]

Tyrone Shum from Outsourcing Live was kind enough to share this video with us on not only ranking your video’s on YouTube, but also announcing his new service designed to help to push your website rankings up onto the first page of Google as well.

Unique Article Wizard

SEO Services HQ

Traffic Generation Day One – SEO

Traffic Generation Day One - SEO

Just like I promised you, you will be getting a bunch of my special traffic generation methods so that you can use them with your own website. Whether you are getting traffic from search engines or not won’t matter once you have targeted some of the traffic generation methods that I am going to teach you.

Anyway, let’s get right down to it.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Like I just said, it doesn’t matter whether you are getting search engine traffic or not right now but you want to do whatever you can to get some in the future. This is why it is so important that you work on SEO early on in your traffic generation campaign.

Being that Google is the search engine that sends the most traffic to websites; we are going to concentrate there. With Google it is pretty simple, the more quality links that you get, the higher you move on the search engine. Since links are what matter, I am going to share with you where you want to get links and how you want to use them.

Places to Get Backlinks

Blog Comments: 5 per day – With blog comments you don’t want to link to your site too often and that is why I only recommend 5 per day. Another thing you should do is find blogs in your niche so that it is more relevant to your topic. If you can find blogs that have dofollow links, then that would be best but if not then just get the links anyway. The more links you have, the better it is, even if they are nofollow.

Forum Signatures: 10 per day – With forum signatures you can build more per day because it is more interactive. The only thing you need to understand is that a monitored forum will hold more weight than a non monitored forum. Again, make sure that the forum is related to your website or else it won’t help you as much.

Profile Links: 1 per day – Profile links are really risky now days and the reason is because many people abused them. With forum links you need to be careful that you don’t link to your site using the same anchor text. Another thing you should do is not create more than 1 forum link per day. Forum links are very powerful but if you overdo it, then your site will pay the price.

Article Directories: 5 per day – Article directories are great and the reason they are great is because your article is relevant to your website. With words around anchor text, the link will hold more power and that is what your website needs. Not only do articles directories help you with your SEO, they also send a decent amount of traffic to your site.

Guest Posts: 1 per day – Most people understand the benefits of guest posts, so I am not going to spend much time with that. What I want to make sure you know is that 1 good guest post could send you traffic for months or even years. Not only will a guest post send you traffic right away, it will also provide a huge boost in your rankings because in content links on respected blogs is what Google likes to see.

As you can see, there are many places to get backlinks to your websites. All you need to do is get out there and start putting your link in as many different places as possible. A lot of people think that link building is something that takes a long time but if you do it right, then short term link building will be extremely powerful too. Just do yourself a favor and start by building some links today and tomorrow and watch for the second part of my traffic generation techniques.

If you are looking for all the methods that I personally used to increase my own traffic by over 1500% in just a few short months, you might want to consider picking up a copy of my book “Blog Traffic Tactics” that outlines all the various methods. It generally retails for $17.99, but is on sale in the sidebar for $12.99 or through this link.