June 28, 2016

Digital Marketing: Is Your Business Being Left Behind?

Digital Marketing

Is your business one which offers FMCG products or general services to a mass market? Do you tweet and Facebook? No? Perhaps, is your business one which offers a service at a highly professional level? Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Do your staff members have profiles too?

If any of these questions, terms or profile types seem like strange and foreign words to you, as a business owner, you should be concerned. The digital era has taken over, and with a firm grip on the business world – growing daily – if you fall behind, you may never catch up!

So what’s the 411? What do you need to do to stay afloat in the online space, as opposed to finding yourself drowning in a sea of terms that you hear constantly, and never understand? First and foremost, you need to understand the basics. The best thing you can do is take a course – something that introduces you to what’s happening, what’s available and how you can get involved. But in the meantime, here are some brief insights to get you started.

1.       Social media profiles

As a professional, your LinkedIn profile is your new business card – of course you’ll still need the real ones, but this professional networking site will mean your name, company and number can be in the hands of not only domestic contacts, but international ones. Many businesses now uphold some sort of social media presence – and what they select as their network depends largely on what sort of business they are. If they market to a mass audience, or their product is more socially based, the likes of FaceBook is quite popular. Larger corporations or professional services companies tend to favour LinkedIn.

2.       Social media for customer service

What is perhaps one of the most interesting developments in the digital space is the use of social media tools for superior customer services. Many big service companies, especially the major telcos, now use online tools to track mentions of their brand name in Twitter, and then use their own Twitter account to respond. For example, if a customer heads online and comments that their phone hasn’t arrived yet and is late, the customer service team spots the mention and swoops in with a great answer and immediate action.

3.       Blogs and forums

Generally now a part of your website, blogs and forums enable further two way dialogue between you and your clients/consumers – improving your relationship! Blogs have changed the face of business, as many professional services firms especially have moved towards positioning as a ‘thought leader’, providing free insights and information in their blogs, improving their service for current and prospective clients. This action also firmly ensures they are viewed as a legitimate authority in their area.

4.       Online customer service

Ever called your phone provider and then waited on the line for half an hour of elevator music? Frustrating? Many large service providers – especially travel sites – have now added a new layer to their customer service, online chat. Now you can click a button, wait your turn (without call charges) and then simply type or speak your question to a waiting customer service rep using an online chat system similar to MSN messenger.

5.       The best results

Finally, one of the ways many people find their service providers now is through internet research.  For this reason, it serves you well to be at the top of the results list when users type in a relevant keyword. Search engine optimisation and advertising will improve your results and your bottom line.

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  1. Warren

    you hit it right on with the blogs and forums brother. These two things are basically communication tools where you can use them to study, analyze, and keep up with the latest trends in your business or niche market.

    with the forum you can leverage other people’s opinions, questions, thoughts, and knowledge by analyzing their posts and also analyzing the other member’s replies.

    and with the blog you can spark up conversation with your audience, but it starts by writing things of value first.

    so these are all great resources to master your market but blogs and forums are a great way to leverage your audience in your niche market
    Kenny Fabre recently posted…On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEOMy Profile

  2. Hey Kenny, you are a great example of someone who has mastered using comments, blogs, and other venues to not only drive traffic, but also to create relationships online.

    Are you registered in the forum yet? I’m just starting a comment tribe, and would love to have you in there.

    If you decide to shoot me your username.

    • Warren

      I’m registering to your forum right now :)
      Kenny Fabre recently posted…On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEOMy Profile

      • Thanks Kenny, let me know who you are in there and I’ll upgrade your account to “Elite” for sure! :)

        Also was meaning to ask you do you accept guest posts on your blog?

        If you do, I’d love to write one for you and if you have a preference for topic feel free to let me know, or I can write one I think your readers would benefit from.

        Likewise you are always welcome here.

        • Warren

          sorry brother im currently not accepting guest posts, but I tried to register in the forum, but the “random question” is keeping me from getting registered because I dont know the answer the question is “What is America’s favorite passtime?”
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          • It’s “Baseball” LOL

            I think I’m going to pull that. It was there when I installed it and never bothered to change or pull it!

          • Warren

            I just got registered and set up my profile my username is “kennyfabre” Im honored to be a member of the forum
            Kenny Fabre recently posted…On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEOMy Profile

          • Just added you to the “Elite” list, and if you need anything at all inside there, just let me know and I’ll make it happen.

            There is a comment tribe starting up in there where we each comment on the others blog posts. (Maximum 10 so you end up with 9 comments for every campaign you join)
            It just launched and I just issued a press release to announce the launch so it will be moving slow to start I’m sure, but we’ll get it going! :)

            If you have anyone you’d like in there and that fits in our niche (blogging, marketing,etc) feel free to invite them and we’ll get them all setup!

  3. How is it I didn’t know there was a forum attached to your website Warren?

    I’m with Kenny and will be signing up there also!

    • You know Ginger I was just thinking the other day that i need to eliminate some of the “clutter” and make things more clear where the navigation and call to actions were concerned.

      I guess this is my wake up call.

      • Haha, I actually just figured out that there are drop down menus under each of the other menu items.

        Whole new sections for me to explore! :)

        • Ouch!


          I have to wonder if that is something that others are not finding as well.

          Ultimately that is my own fault for not paying enough attention to which pages my visitors are landing on and spending time on. Just goes to show you that you can get caught up in running a blog and forget to monitor some of the smaller, yet just as important aspects that contribute to your business.

          I’ll take a look and see if there is a way for me to simplify the nav system Ginger. Thank you for your feedback. Always appreciated as are your comments!

  4. using social media for connecting with customers (and possible customers) is a great idea, but it should be handled with extreme care.
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  5. very interesting post i really enjoyed reading it and i will be sure to return to read more of your interesting posts. thank you for sharing this post with us.
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