July 26, 2016

Best Social Media Tools to Check Competitors Site’s Traffic

Getting insight on what is going on with your competitors can help to make your business stronger and give you the upper hand. Free Social Media tools are your best bet to accomplish this. Here are some of the best tools you can use to get ahead of the competition.

Google Trends

Google Trends will allow you to search and compare terms and websites. You will get insights into the geographic visitation patterns and how much traffic websites or keywords are getting. This site will give you access to compare the data for up to five different websites while viewing related sites and the top searches associated with each one.


Kred.ly is a scoring system social-media site. It seeks out and measures a company’s online influence. Kred will also measure a company’s engagement, or outreach. This gives more of an opportunity, with the combination to offer more informed metrics for those who follow specific companies and look for advice.


StepRep will provide you with an overview of all conversations and everything that people are saying about any business online. Anytime the business is mentioned, no matter where on the web, you can find it. All sources will get scanned continuously and bring out the most up-to-date and complete data on how the business is being perceived. You can get the data in reports that break down and analyze what you need to target your market.

Social Mention

Social Mention can be used for social media searches and analysis platforms. It aggregates the user generated content so you will get a single stream of usable information. With it, you can track and measure everything that people say about your competition. Whether you are tracking a product or a topic, you will get information from across all of the web’s social media landscapes. This will come to you in real-time. Social Mention will monitor over one hundred different social media sites at the same time.

Social Pointer

Social Pointer is set up as a real-time marketing platform on all social media. It is for marketing agencies and individuals. It gives you the ability to track and monitor all social mentions, as well as user conversations, that are relevant to you  in real-time. This gives you the inside track on what is being said about your competitors over a large area of users.

 Wildfire Social Media Monitor

Wildfire Social Media Monitor measures performance and gleans insights into the growth of a company’s social media fan base. These statistics are from all of the leading social networks. There is daily tracking, with visibility into the growth in trends whether big or small. You can gauge their social media success against yours and many others in your chosen industry. You can simply compare their follower base throughout all of the leading social networks. You can even set alerts that will inform you of any meaningful trends. You can put special emphasis on the activities that are relevant to your business and social presence.


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  1. Warren

    google trends is a big on for me, I use it regularly. Its very fun looking at and staying updating on the stats of your competitors. Although blogging dont really require that because every blogger, can generate their own loyal readers
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  2. I never tried these mediums or sources to measure my social media influence before read your post. To be honest i was completely unaware about these methods but now after read your post i am feeling that i got new thing which increase my knowledge to measure my social media influence.