November 27, 2015

Page Authority and the science behind search engine optimization


The term ‘Page authority’ is used mainly to express the search engine evaluation of a web pages value. Often with modern search engines the higher your page authority the better chance you have for high ranking and traffic. Often it’s quite difficult to explain why the authority of one page is more than that of another. However much of this is due to how search engines measure authority.

Those new to the area of search engine optimization may have a hard time understanding the science behind search engine algorithms and their impact on page value assessment, however these algorithms and their continual changes often have an enormous effect on rakings.  Search engines apply their own algorithm-based guidelines to determine the page authority of particular website and analyze and organize website rankings based on those guidelines.

The exact method of how search engine algorithms access page authority is not disclosed to the public, however it can be assumed that there are elements of human logic behind these assessments.

Factors shown to influence page authority.

AGE: The older a webpage, the more its authority. To say precisely, age and authority of a website go hand in hand may sound unconvincing, but research has show this to be true.

It is always good to be first in a game and just like a company that been in businesses for centuries an aged webpage is a great signal of authority.

CONTENT: It is undeniable that a well researched, well structured, content improves page authority. As the old adage goes content is king. This is why in the field of Internet Marketing a lot of focus is spent on optimizing article titles and content.

INDEXING: Indexing of a website’s pages by the search engine is another important factor to consider when it comes to determining a site’s page authority. Much like a book, achieves its value only when it stands out amongst the other books on the shelf, webpage’s to must be easily found in order to be recognized.


A fair number of other websites with higher page authority linking back to a webpage increases passes on value thus increasing a websites page authority. It’s by this principal that Search engines evaluate the trust factor of the webpage. It’s similar to product endorsements from famous and popular celebrity or fashion icon. 


The relevance of the subject matter of websites linking back to a specific webpage is another considerable factor that helps improve page authority. Web pages that have back links from sites in the same area of interest are similar to academic papers that reference other papers in the same field. When back links share relevance, this sends signals to search engines saying the page has authority.

It’s said that some search engines have over three hundred variables for determining ranking, so the above mentioned points are really only a starting place for understanding how search engine rankings work. Nevertheless, these observations should demonstrate the importance of page authority and provide insight into the role it plays in the search engine ranking of a website.


Written by Adam Chronister founder of Accelerated Freelance. Accelerated freelance is a Spokane Website Design, and Spokane Marketing firm who specialize in creating reasonably priced websites that promote business without sacrificing on-page style and design.

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  1. I notice that a lot of sites I compete with (and are beating me) have been online for ten years or so. At what point will things level out? My site is only a year or so old. Or is it something that never will?
    Like when I’m five years old, and he’s fifteen will he still outrank be based on age (if all other things are equal)?

    Thanks Adam & Warren

  2. Hi Ginger, keep in mind that site age is only one if many factors that dictate your rank. Chances are there are other optimization techniques you may be able to work on that will help you out rank your competition. A good place to start is with
    Adam C recently posted…DreamonicMy Profile

  3. I have almost always had a score of 98% on website grader. I’m just wondering if all other things being equal and the only difference being age will I ever catch up to these sites? Or will I have to outperform them on some other level/aspect?

    • Ginger, if all other things are equal (they never are, but bear with me for the sake of argument), then Google has never else to look at to determine whether your site or your competitor’s is more relevant. You need to outshine them in some other area. It sounds like your on-site SEO is already in order, so that leaves off-site SEO. In other words, build more links. Try to get a few high-PR links if you can.

      One way to get a lot of good links quickly is to create an infographic related to your niche (or have someone else create it) and give it to as many other relevant sites as you can. Tell them they can use it as long as they link back to your site. A lot of them will do it. A friend of mine has a post on his blog telling about the results he got from the infographic he created for one of his sites, if you’re interested: Get Out of the Backlinks Box
      Beth Parker@Stuart Weitzman 5050 Boots recently posted…Adidas Golf BagMy Profile

      • I’m over at Grabapple and loving the concept of doing up an infographic to send out for SEO benefit. I think this is definitely something I’m going to go ahead and try. (think I’ll outsource since my graphic design skills are a little lacking LOL)

        Thanks for the advice Beth

        @Ginger age seems more important to you than it actually is. I own ten year old domains that I don’t do much with and they rank quite poorly. The reason an aged domain is usually outranking you is because they’ve had that much more time to build links and authority to their site. Now if a site is an authority site for 9 of those ten years that is obviously a different story.

  4. Thank you for this insightful post. I am really new to this SEO thing and really looking forward to get a good PR website. As of now, I am still on the learning process. Thanks again for additional knowledge!

  5. Hi Adam,

    Nice to see you over here at Warren’s place and what a great topic.

    I find SEO kind of confusing if I must be honest. Some areas I understand rather well while others, not so much. I have heard from a lot of people over the past year though that their sites are ranking very high in the search engines and they’ve never paid attention to SEO and some don’t even understand it themselves.

    I appreciate you sharing this though because I still have a lot to learn about all of this. I’ll grab whatever information I can locate too. So thank you for sharing.

    Adrienne recently posted…What I Learned On The “How To Recruit Like Crazy” WebinarMy Profile

    • SEO is constantly changing so even if you were an expert today, chances are you’d be out of the loop in as little as a year! :)

    • Hi Adrienne,

      One reason some people rank well without little knowledge of SEO is based upon having great content and continually adding this type of content to their website. This is really half the battle of SEO. If you have a decent built website you can get along pretty well just by making great content that people want to share, read and link to.

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  8. Age is one the factors that can not be faked so I’m certain that they use domain and webpage age as a signal to the authority.

  9. According to me if we want to get enjoy of seo work then we should always target higher competitive keywords.Also by targeting these kind of keywords we can know about our self as how much we are expert in SEO?So there are some basic rules which we must obey and then by implementing quality work we can get some sound results.

  10. SEO continue to change, how do we know that were doing the right strategies? I have read a lot of seo blogs, and each author their our strategy. Now i was confuse which one to follow.

    Btw, thanks for your nice and informative blog.

    • Joyce,

      I can understand your frustration. SEO is not an exact science because the search engines never reveal the algorithms they use to determine search. Really much of SEO is backwards engineering the search engines to see what works and what does not. There are a few things that have always proven to be valuable though that is links and content. If you start thinking like a traditional marketer and less like a SEO you often can see good results. Two sites I think are good resources are Hubspot and SEOmoz. Check em out.


      • I’m with Adam, SEO is constantly evolving and changing.
        Both those resources are awesome, and those guys/girls have likely forgotten more than many of us will ever know! :)
        Another great resource is another great resource for us all!

        Thanks Adam and great to see you!

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  13. Nice Article. It appears to be like your on-site SEO is already to be able, so that actually leaves off-site SEO. In other thoughts, develop more links. Try to get a few high-PR links if you can.
    One way to get a lot of excellent links easily is to make an infographic relevant to your market (or have someone else make it) and offer it to as many other appropriate websites as you can. Tell them they can use it provided that they weblink again to your website. A lot of them will do it.

  14. Patrick Page says:

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