June 24, 2016

Link Building Isn’t Dead – It Changed

Link Building Isn’t Dead - It Changed

How many times in the past 2 months have you read a post about link building and SEO? I ask this because I have read 5 in the past day and most of them are saying that link building is dead. Now, is link building dead? No, link building is not dead, it has just changed.

The problem with the way most people would build links a few months ago is that they were getting links from very poor websites and this in turn go their websites penalized by Google. What you need to understand is that link building is something that doesn’t stop and there is no quick way to rank on the top of the search engines. If you ever hear somebody tell you that they will guarantee your rankings, and then just know that it is a lie and all they are going to do is get your website penalized. Trust me, I know because I hired somebody to do that with one of my experimental sizes about 8 months ago.

So, how has link building changed?

Link building has changed because now it is all about building a reputation. For example, if you have a blog then you should have reviews about that blog. This is where AngliesList comes in and even Yelp. The problem that many people have is they are too focused on building links on other sites just like theirs, through comments, through forum links, and even social bookmarks. What you need to realize is that everything is changing because now Google is not the only one running the internet, Facebook is there too.

Ways to Succeed With Link Building

Guest Posts – One of the best way to get more links is through guest posts. The best part about a guest post is that your link will show up on another person’s blog and with more than a million blogs out there, you are bound to get some on high ranking websites. Where most people make the mistake here is they submit their posts to really low quality blogs, if you want to succeed, then you need to put yourself out there and publish only on high ranking sites. One piece of advice that I have for you is to make sure you create a post that people will want to read and not just something that has been talking about for forever and a day.

Reviews – Yes, reviews are making a big hit these days. The reason review sites are starting to pick up as far as links go is because Google has realized that these are generated by users and that is the best way to tell a users experience on the site. If you have a few reviews on sites like Angieslist or Yelp, then you will notice that your rankings will be higher because of it. Now, don’t go out and plaster reviews all over the internet, instead, build a few each week.

YouTube – Yes, YouTube is a great way to get links. The best part about YouTube is that you can put your link on their site and when somebody comes and uses your video, your link will show up on their site. The reason I like this method is because more people are using video now than anything else. Trust me, this does work and that is why I suggest using it.

One thing that you will notice about link building is that it is only going to get harder and harder to affect your own rankings. Many people could do this without any problems a few years ago, but with all the changes you will notice that it is not easy anymore. Just remember, link building is a long and tedious process that you need to work at.

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