September 15, 2014

It’s your Brand

It’s your Brand

The internet is ostensibly the most powerful tool mankind has ever created since the beginning of time, and it has never been easier for an individual or a corporation to either build, or destroy their individual reputations.

Who’s telling the news?

It used to be we watched the news to see, and grasp what was going on in the world around us, but now it’s the soccer mom, on her way to pick up the kids who announces the train wreck alongside the highway, and while she waits, watching she is also updating her Twitter feed, or Facebook profile. The news travels quickly from there.

News travels fast

Train wrecks aren’t the only bad news that travels fast, disappoint a customer and see just how fast word can now spread.  See a movie, and leave a terrible review about it in your status update, and I guarantee at least a few people will skip that particular movie based solely on that fact. Now more and more people are doing this, and the effect it has can be felt on each of us.

Monitor the web

It’s important that we monitor the internet as well as social media platforms for mentions of our company, its key players, our products, etc. for both positive and negative experiences our customers and clients are encountering and sharing with their network.


The positive reviews should be called out, and the individual should be thanked for being a supporter of your brand, and informed of their importance, small acts like this will stand out in their minds for quite some time.

Be quick to respond

Negative reviews should be addressed quickly and with no negativity on your part. While not everyone will be right, it should be remembered that they too are entitled to their opinion.  The act of responding in a positive nature, and asking how you can fix the situation to their satisfaction will be noticed by more than just the individual with the complaint.

Refunding or replacing the item is a small price to pay for the positive outcome that in all likelihood will also be shared with that person’s network.

It’s a learning experience

Treat each instance as a learning experience and even go so far as to document it for your own records, or for training purposes. As time goes on, you’ll become adept at turning even the most dissatisfied customers into satisfied ones.

Remember we now live in a day and age where individuals can influence thousands of people, and with others that number can increase into the hundreds of thousands, or even millions depending on their online popularity and community.


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  1. Using social media to announce new is a great thing to do and it will really increase a brand.
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  2. Hi Warren,

    This is so very true and with some many people using smart phones they can share their views in a flash.

    While its hard to remain positive when we see negative comments we have to try our best to keep calm and respond in a positive manner.

    I still sell on eBay and am amazed at some of the feedback replies I see. Its a wonder some people are still selling after leaving some of the rude comments I’ve seen.

    Great points made Warren, thanks mate.

    Have a great Easter,
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  3. Hi Warren,

    I’m usually late to respond to the comments on my blog. I’m trying to make fast replies something I should put close the top of my list of priorities. On the other hand, I always reply :)
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  4. Hi, Warren. It is hard for me to reply fast to the comments on my blog. I suppose that I have to try to organize myseld better. I think that your tips can help me a lot. Will write you soon to share the new results :)

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