July 27, 2016

4 Ideas To Make Your Marketing Activities Go Viral

In order to achieve maximum impact from a marketing campaign, you need to have your marketing initiatives go viral. This means that they are shared amongst people, and get a maximum number of views in the shortest amount of time possible. To ensure you achieve your goals, we have selected a list of must haves:

Use Rich Media
Rich media is an internet term for a web page advertisement that uses technology to interact with the user. This includes streaming video, programs that start when the mouse hovers on them, or other media within the page itself. You can use rich media in email if you are careful to send content that is easy for your users to receive and play on their computers; but the most effective rich media advertising will be on webpages and videos that customers can access with the most speed and playability.

Promote In Social Media
Facebook and other social media sites are excellent for promoting your business. Essentially these sites are free advertising. The rich media content you design can be used on the pages, as well as content that can generate discussion, engagement, and exposure. You can also pay for extra promotion on Facebook and other sites by buying advertising space or sponsored posts. Be sure not to waste your time or money on social media; whatever you post or promote should be relevant to your business, and you should use it to engender discussion or “buzz” that will lead users to become engaged in your product or services. Respond to comments that are made. Ask provocative questions. Entertain and inform. Make sure to link everything back to your ecommerce business.

Get Creative
In your rich media and your social media endeavors, creativity is paramount. If you think back to successfully viral ad campaigns, they are unique and catch on because they are either extremely entertaining, amazing, provocative, or somehow capture the imagination of the audience. You will not see an ad catch on virally if it is the same as anything else. Use your imagination to create that video, that email, or that rich media game application that will draw users to your product and your website.

Be Willing to Take a Risk
Marketing that has gone viral in the past has been different. This means that often it has pushed buttons that haven’t been pushed before. If you are protective of your product or squeamish about turning off some potential customers, you must remember that the only people who will share your content and make it go viral, are the ones who find it useful, entertaining, or worthwhile—if it is the same old advertising, most people will pass it by. Be willing to take a risk and do something that hasn’t been done before.

Advertising and marketing always has some element of chance. When you are trying to design an ad campaign that will go viral, the risk is elevated because no one has the formula for what successfully catches on. However, if you are willing to take that risk, to get creative, to shamelessly promote in social media, and to use the latest rich media technology to capture the imagination of potential clients, you can increase the chances that your marketing will catch on, go viral, and provide exposure for your brand beyond what you could ever imagine.

Tim is a marketing expert for a broad experience promoting brands online and offline. From promotional bags to YouTube campaigns, Tim has worked with various supports and creatives. Aside from working, Tim enjoy blogging and spending time with his family and friends.

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  1. “Be Willing to Take a Risk” is the most important point you discussed. I will say every business grows on the base of risk, if you can take risk then you can grow your business. Social media is essential source of marketing and advertising because without social media marketing no one can get good response. In this scenario your shared points are very informative to know about the technicalities of online marketing.