July 29, 2016

Having a Can-Do attitude

Having a Can-Do attitude

Launching any type of business can be a daunting task, and when it comes to internet based businesses this can be doubly so. Because of the low startup involved many people think at first glance starting an e-business is as simple as setting up a website and then waiting for the money to roll in.

While I’m absolutely a huge supporter of launching an internet based business, I think it’s important for people to realize that there will be work involved in not only the concept and planning of an online business, but the even more important follow through that goes along with it.

Depending on your previous work/life history you may or may not have the technical skills needed to accomplish the various tasks that come with owning an online property. Writing, Marketing, Advertising, and SEO are only a few of the skills you’ll be wanting to pick up.

The good news is there is nothing online that you can’t learn. Even better, you can usually learn it from those who have come before you, and mastered the skill out of their own necessity. There will of course be skills you simply aren’t great at, or have no interest in whatsoever, and it’s ok to outsource those and stick to the ones you do have an aptitude, or liking for.

The first step in your learning journey is having a can-do attitude that allows you to know that there are no “super-duper” secrets to this whole internet marketing thing. Simply choose one aspect to focus on at a time, and the “let your fingers do the walking”. (Using Google, not the telephone book of course)

This attitude needs to follow you through the entire life of your business, because even after you’ve mastered multiple internet skills, you’ll still run into situations where you find yourself at a loss.

– I have writers block, I won’t be able to write anything today!

– That site is PR 6 There is no way I can compete with him!

– They’ve been online for 12 years, I can’t compete!

And so on, and so on! This is a unique day we are living in, and more and more we are seeing small businesses, or even individuals competing, and even out doing larger corporations that have been around forever, and have much deeper pockets simply because the smaller businesses are more nimble, and are reacting to changes taking place in the marketplace as they happen.

These individuals are highly connected, and highly engaged with social media, and social networks, while for many of the larger titans social media came almost as an afterthought.

So no matter what the situation or circumstance you find yourself in, know that you can do what it takes, and you DO have what it takes to succeed!

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  1. You’ve got that right Warren!

    I know when I first started blog commenting, what held me back for so long were the thoughts that they wouldn’t want to hear what I have to say. I mean here are these “pro bloggers” and their sites are ranked a PR6. They are all over the web so who am I thinking I can contribute. Boy was I ever wrong.

    All these sites, all these people had to start at the very beginning like everyone else. They all had to do the work consistently in order to see the results. We are no different than anyone else so your attitude needs to be, if they can do it then so can I.

    Great post Warren and thanks for that pep talk! I think we all need one from time to time.

    Hope you are doing well.

    Adrienne recently posted…Why You Need A Bulletproof Mindset To SucceedMy Profile

  2. Making use of PLR content that you buy the right way is important. There are lots of Internet Marketers who buy up a ton of PLR content and then just dump it on to their hard drives. You need to be creative and innovative to get PLR to work well for you. If you just buy it and use it without making any changes then obviously you won’t see any big differences in your profit margin.

  3. yes many out there think that setting up a website that all what they need to do :) and then they wait for for the money to roll in its wrong its harder than offline bussinise its hard but if we belive in what we are doing and will do that daily and never stop yes we will success
    Thanks Warren

  4. If you don’t have a can-do attitude then there’s little point in even starting a business!
    SEO Guy in Los Angeles recently posted…How to Avoid the Google SandboxMy Profile

  5. Your means of explaining the whole thing in this piece of writing is really good, every one be able to easily know it, Thanks a lot.

  6. Can-Do Attitude can take you places. To err is human. People are expected to make mistakes. One should have the courage to accept their mistakes, learn from them and move on. One should not worry about the destination, just enjoy the process.