June 28, 2016

Breaking Goals Down Into Actionable Steps


When it comes to getting what we want out of life, it usually helps if we first know what it is we desire. On top of just knowing or having a clear idea of what we’d like to obtain or achieve and just as important is knowing the various smaller steps you’ll need to take in order to bring yourself or your business closer to that goal.

It then becomes a simple matter of achieving those smaller, more attainable steps on a consistent basis until you finally manage to accomplish what you set out to do. (At which point you’ll likely promptly set yourself another equally impressive goal to achieve I’m sure.)

Looking at the big picture is useful if it isn’t what you focus on. It’s more of the executive view of the goal, rather than the employee or worker view of the same issue. You might want to try working towards the goal during the week, and setting an hour or so aside on Fridays to go over your progress, and determine whether or not the steps you’re taking during your weeks are moving you closer to the goal in a quick and efficient manner.

Let’s go ahead and use an example that the majority of us can relate to. Making money online, or starting a business that does it for us.

Now the goal might be to create an internet based business that brings in $2000.00 per month, and since we always use S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time Bound) goals we’ll set this goal to be achieved within 6 months’ time.

Our steps needed might be:

Primary Goal: Online business creating $2000.00 per month

Components to achieve goal:

  1. Creating a product
  2. Launching a blog
  3. Creating an opt in offer
  4. Designing a squeeze page, and adding opt ins to blog
  5. Building a list to promote product to
  6. Setting up the infrastructure to deliver the product

Now each of these would be broken down into even smaller steps, creating a product would have items like create the outline, record (or write) the content, organize & edit, etc. The goal here is to get each step small enough to be accomplished in a single work session and preferably not an all-day blitz attack either.

It’s important to be able to look at a task, and see it as something that is within your grasp, if the thought of editing a ninety page eBook seems daunting, it helps to break that down into perhaps editing the first chapter, then the second, and so on. You’ll consistently feel like you’re moving forward, rather than seeing this huge undertaking that you know is going to take you the next day or two.

Occasionally you will encounter obstacles even among these smaller steps. Perhaps you lack the technical ability to create a squeeze page, or install WordPress. It’s important to list out these objections so that you can address them and find solutions to them. There is nothing worse than sitting down in front of the computer and not knowing what to do next, or how to do it.

How to Make Working from Home Fun

How to Make Working from Home Fun

Bloggers, affiliate marketers, freelance writers, search engine experts, online stock traders, and home based business owners all have one thing in common – They all work from home.

So, why does this matter? Well, it really doesn’t matter to an extent, but I want to take a minute to talk about how you can make working from home fun. So many people who work from home actually dread waking up in the morning because they know that they have to get the energy to put themselves to work. What you should keep in mind is that working from home is a privilege that you need to take advantage of as opposed to worrying about it night and day.

How to Make Working from Home Fun

Break It Up – One way to make working from home fun is to break up your day into sections. For example, as a blogger I will check emails in the morning and do some writing and then stop for a little while. Once I come back I will do some writing, answer more emails, maybe do a little bit of link building, spend time on social media sites and then take another break. Sometimes I will take more breaks than I need to just so that I don’t get bored during my day.

Set Goals – I know you are wondering how setting goals will make working from home fun and it is quite simple, it helps keep you motivated. I learned about this from a friend of mine who would set goals as to how much money he needed to earn by a certain time every day. He would check his accounts and make sure that people were buying his products, clicking on ads, his stocks were going up, and his money just kept going up and up. Setting goals is the only way to tell how far you have come and how much further you would like to go.

Get An Associate – Did you know that getting help from an associate is a great way to make working from home fun? A lot of times your associate can put a little humor into your day to make things go by much faster. Whether you are working alone or with a partner doesn’t matter, get an associate in there to help you out even if it is for a couple hours every few days.

Know When To Stop – Working all day long is one way to get a lot of work done, but it is the fastest way to make sure you tire yourself out. What I suggest is that you learn when you should stop. For some people who work from home they will stop right before lunch and that is their day. For others who work from home they will work from 8 to 5 and sometimes go later than that. However you setup your day is up to you but just know that knowing when to stop is key to getting the most efficient work done and also having fun while doing it.

Working from home is one of the only ways that you can actually experience freedom in your everyday life. Many people assume that just because they are working for somebody else that they are still free, however, this is wrong. What you need to keep in mind is that working from home gives you the ability to do what you want, when you want it and for most that is how they measure success.

Do me one favor and answer this question in the comments below – What would you rather do, work from home or work for somebody else and why?

Working From Home – With a Newborn

Working From Home - With a Newborn


As many of you likely noticed I was absent for most of April, and only managed to squeeze in a few days of actual work. Our first was scheduled to arrive on the 13th of April, so we had company down visiting for a couple of weeks hoping to meet her when she arrived.

Being a girl she decided to wait until the 22nd to finally make an appearance keeping us all anxiously waiting, but since she arrived perfectly perfect, you won’t get any complaints from us!

Now that May has rolled around I am faced with getting back into my work routine and attempting to continue on with the many projects I was working on prior to all the excitement. (I’m still excited, but now I’m so sleep deprived that I often confuse that joyous laughter coming from me as a slow and simple madness! LOL)

I now find myself in a situation that many others have faced or will face and thought I’d outline a few ways to help you stay productive online with your blogging and marketing efforts while your routines at home change to include your newest addition to the family.

Bring your baby to work

Now this may not work for everyone, but for myself I have a dedicated office in my home and it just happens to be large enough to accommodate a playpen or crib so that I’m able to keep a close eye on her while I’m working. For those of you who work from a laptop this is even easier, you can choose to go to her/him, or you can work from the living room, kitchen, etc.

The early days and weeks are filled with uncertainty (especially for new parent like myself) and being able to keep a close eye on your little one will allow you to stay focused knowing that you can simply raise your eyes to see how your little one is doing.

Keep a recording device close at hand

Ideas seldom come when we’d like them to, and sitting down in front of the keyboard knowing you need to produce a quality article in the next thirty to sixty minutes can be daunting if your slate seems blank either from lack of sleep or simply lack of ideas or even lack of time to do some research.

By keeping a notepad, voice recorder, or other favorite device close to hand you can ensure you are capturing the many ideas we all seem to have while driving or going about our daily lives. This pool of ideas will serve you well when crunch time comes.

Learn the art of multi-tasking

Most of us are already pretty good at multi-tasking, but you may want to learn to take things to a whole new level now that things are getting a bit busier (to say the least). Incorporating “to do” lists into your daily routine will help ensure that you get those items that are crucial to the success of your business completed.

Don’t try and do everything at once

Try breaking your work and life tasks up into manageable pieces and work on getting a couple of smaller tasks done rather than attempting larger or longer lasting tasks. Your work life and regular life have changed dramatically and you’ll have to develop an entirely new system if you’re going to stay productive.

Leverage your babies sleep time

This is the time to tackle some of those larger projects that may require an hour or two to complete. I know this is where most people advise you to get some sleep, but trying to balance a home business and a baby requires a few sacrifices to be successful.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If you’re a blogger (as most of my online friends are) then you most likely know a few dozen bloggers who might just be willing to help out with a task or two. That graphic design job, or logo you’ve been struggling with might just be a task that one of your more artistic friends could knock off in no time flat, leaving you just that much ahead.

There are also most likely some offline resources available to you that may allow you time to get some work done. A spouse, grand parent, or other relative might just love to share some time with your new family member while you go about your business of providing an income for all of you.

Don’t write-off childcare just because you work from home

Most people in the workforce use childcare of some sort to allow themselves to provide for their families. Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you can’t avail yourself to some of these services in order to free up a few hours a day. Often there is childcare within a dozen or so blocks from your home, and it can mean the difference between working on your business, or just working on surviving!

Analyze your actual workload & refine

Most of us spend a huge amount of time on trivial or non-productive tasks that generate little or no income whatsoever. Spend some time outlining where your time is actually being spent and then cut out those tasks that aren’t high priority. There will always be general tasks that need doing such as checking and responding to emails, backing up websites, or monitoring your social media presence, but we all have tasks that can be skipped in favor of more important ones.

Working from home is an awesome experience, and with a little bit of work and strategizing on your part you’ll be able to continue doing what you love long after the arrival of your little one!

Habits That Will Have You Working Less And Making More

Habits That Will Have You Working Less And Making More

Everybody wants to work less and yet make more, but how do you do that. Well, there are some habits when picked up that have been proven to work. Most people consider a habit as being bad; however, you can have both good and bad habits.

The key to working less and making more is to figure out what your bad habits are and reduce them, while at the same time increasing your good habits. For example, spending time on Facebook chatting with friends and updating your status would be considered a bad habit; however, writing a blog post or an email to your subscribers would be considered a good habit.

Everybody has different habits, it is how you manage those habits that will either help you succeed or make your fail. On that note, let’s talk about 5 habits that will have you working less and making more.

5 Habits That Work

Pack a Lunch

I know this sounds a little strange but it works. All you have to do is pack a lunch. Even if you work from home, packing a lunch and eating it at your desk will make it feel more like a work environment and because of that you get more done. Try it, I do it every once in a while and it really does work.

Get Dressed for Work

I doubt anybody goes to the extremely and works without any clothes on, however, dressing the part will give you more energy to get your work done. You don’t have to wear a suit or business attire, but it will help if you get out of your pajamas and actually dress like you are heading to “the office”.

Eliminate Distractions Don’t Prevent Them

How many times have you told somebody not to call you or don’t ask to go and do something? A lot of my friends will call me in the middle of the day to see if I want to go and hang out. Instead of trying to prevent this from happening, shut off your phones and eliminate all distractions. Trying to prevent something from happening is only going to make things tougher

Setup a Work Schedule

Working from home is sometimes difficult because you don’t have a set schedule that you are required to go by. This is part of the reason most people don’t get as much work done. If you want to get more done and work less, then simply creating a schedule and sticking to it will easily do that. Just make sure that you stick to the schedule you set, no matter what.

Do Tasks in Batches

If you are a blogger, then writing blog posts in batches will work better than writing one and moving onto a different task. If you are a link builder, then creating links in batches will work better than doing one and then moving onto something else as well. Just do yourself a favor and make sure everything you do is now in batches.

Well, there you go. Try all 5 of these habits and stick with them; you will be glad that you did.

How To Properly Take Time Off Work

How To Properly Take Time Off Work

When working online there is a lot of stuff that you need to be aware of, taking time off is one of those things. The reason why you need to take time off work is because everybody needs a little bit of rest at some point and you don’t want to overdo it. Trust me, a little bit of time off can be more effective than working non-stop.

Now, when you take time off work you need to make sure that you are taking the right amount of time off and at the right time. Where a lot of people make their mistake is they take days off here and there without any regard to why. Trust me, you need to know why you are taking a day off and the benefit of taking that exact day as opposed to another one. Being that most people don’t know the steps to take in order to choose the best time to take off I have included some steps that I use and you should too.

Steps To Take

Plan Ahead

When it come to taking time off you need to plan ahead. Planning is important no matter what it is that you are doing or how many days you will be taking off so make sure you do it. What I highly recommend is that you don’t just plan on what day you want to take off but also have an idea of what you will do that day. The reason you need to know what you will be doing and on what day is because you might have some things to do that day and because of that you should have them done the day before.

Tip: Make sure that you have 2 days of work done for every 1 day you take off, this will ensure that you are better off after than you would have been if you worked through that time.

Use Weekends

How would you like to take off 2 days and still have 4 days in a row? If you want to use your time wisely, then taking a couple of days off around the weekend is the best thing to do. What a lot of people don’t realize is that the weekend is one of the busiest times of the week but not for work.

Tip: If you plan on traveling the cheapest day of the week to do so is Thursday. This works out great for people going on vacation because you can fly or stay in a hotel for a lot less than you can if you book the same hotel for Monday or Tuesday.

Take Time Off After Busy Periods

Did you take any time off after the recent holiday season? As an online worker you should have been working through the holidays and then taking time off after it. What most people don’t understand is that you don’t want to take time off during busy times, it is better to work through it and take a little bit of time off afterwards. Just know that holidays, tax time, beginning of summer and the end of summer are the busiest times of the year.

Tip: If you want to make the most money online, then you need to limit the amount of times you take off. Not only limit the amount of time you take off but also change it up from time to time.

Utilize Slow Times

Do you know when the slowest time of the year is? The slowest time of the year is the summer and for good reason. During the summer most people are going on vacations and spending time with their families. If people you know have kids, then they are probably doing everything that their kids want because after the summer is over their kids will be back in school. The summer is a great time to take off but just know that going on vacation will be more expensive during this time.

Tip: The slow time for work is also the best time for tourist destinations so make sure you are aware of all of this stuff before you travel. Also, depending on what you do online you may find that the normal slow times are great for you. For instance, freelance writers love the summer because they can go on vacation as long as they have their computer and an internet connection and at the same time other people are going on vacation so their usual workload has increased.

As you can see, taking time off work is not impossible but it will take some planning (Hence, planning ahead). Now, if you don’t see any time off in the near future then just create it. The problem that so many people have is that they wait for it and most of the time it never comes. Just do yourself a favor and set a time that you WILL take time off and do something other than work.

Guideline: I would recommend taking at least 1 day off a week and 4 days off every 2 months. What I mean by this is that every week you should have 1 day that you don’t do anything work related. Including that 1 day, you need to take 4 days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) off every 3 months. The reason you do this is to give yourself a mini-vacation which is a great way to replenish your mind and give your body a lift.

When’s Your Next Vacation

I know that you are already thinking about it, so when is your next vacation going to be. Like I said before, you need to plan ahead so use your day off each week to plan a vacation or get something going other than work. Trust me, the more time you can take off work – The more you will love what you do!

Why We Work From Home

Why We Work From Home

Many have chosen to leave the traditional workplace in favor of something a little closer to home. In some case it now takes them a matter of thirty seconds to get to work where it used to take close to, or more than an hour!

The reasons to make the switch are as wide and varied as the people themselves, but below I’ve listed a few of the more popular ones in the hopes that they might help you with any future thoughts of striking out on your own.

Owning your own business

This is likely the most popular one with the work from home crowd. Building something of substance takes time, effort, and money, but in the end the results are often well worth it. There is something about working for yourself that turns what could be a chore into something that is actually enjoyable and for many the hours fly by where for many “employees” time seems to crawl along (especially on Mondays).

The Ability to Set Your Own Hours

Punching a clock that someone else sets isn’t always enjoyable. Often overtime comes at inopportune times and unless you feel like telling your boss you have something better to do, chances are you’ll cancel plans you might otherwise have enjoyed.

When you’re the boss you not only get to say how little or how much you’re going to work, but when those hours are going to be, and when the days off, and holidays will be given as well, no more working around seniority and settling for whichever dates are left on the calendar.

No More Commute

Commuting for most is a waste of time that could easily be spent either with family members, or even working. Two hours commuting and settling into work is not uncommon for people travelling to and from the workplace and that is time that could be spent building up something of your own.

There is also the financial consideration; no more commute means less vehicle operating costs or taxi fares. The accumulated savings over the course of a year could buy a person a very nice vacation.


Have you ever gotten to work and realized you forgot your briefcase? Perhaps it was just your lunch even, but it still caused you inconvenience and unless you work fairly close to home, it likely wasn’t worth the drive back to retrieve the forgotten item.

Working from home allows you to accumulate all your office supplies, equipment, and materials in one place. Need a snack? There’s likely a fully stocked kitchen not too far from your new desk!

Family Matters

When you work from home and for yourself, things like family emergences are much easier to deal with. Have a child home from school with the flu? Not much of an issue since you’ll be close by to minister to them and comfort them while still getting most of your days’ work done.

Making the call to tell your boss you can’t come in because you’re not feeling well is bad enough, but when you’re also taking time off work due to a sick child, or children the loss of work and awkward phone calls can start to add up quite quickly.

Tax Benefits

Owning a business entitles you to many more tax breaks than you’d get from being merely an employee. The write offs you’d be able to take advantage of each year would be another potential financial reward you could take advantage of. The downside is you’d be responsible for paying a bookkeeper to look after your receipts and transactions as well as an accountant to ensure you’re maximizing all benefits that should be afforded to you.

An Asset

Over the years as you grow your business and invest in assets such as vehicles, computers, or other equipment, you’ll start to build equity into it. The business will hold value that can be leveraged against, or even sold should someone offer you a fair price and you actually want to sell out and either move onto something new, or perhaps retire if the time is right.

Many businesses get passed down to future generations ensuring that they too have stability and security. When you’re building your business remember to treat it like a business, and not like a hobby!

Many b

Making the decision to start your own business, and work from home isn’t something you should take lightly. While there are many advantages and benefits to owning your own business there are also short comings that might make it unsuitable for you and yours. The paycheck that comes in at the end of the month is one that you yourself are responsible for generating.

How To Achieve Success

How To Achieve Success

If you were to ask ten different people what success looked like to them, you’d likely get ten very different responses to the question.  Some people might see the size of their savings as a sign of succeeding at life, while others might see time spent not working or with their families as a sign of success.

When you add in all the various components of our daily lives succeeding at some of the more important aspects can definitely enrich our lives for the better. Succeeding at losing weight will most likely be achieved using the same methods as succeeding at getting a raise. They may have different approaches, but the reasoning behind each is the same.

Do your research

If you don’t know what it is success looks like, you’ll have a much harder time achieving it. Take your ultimate goal (Let’s use weight loss for this example), and then assimilate as much information on the topic as you possibly can. The more information available to you, the more informed your choices will become. If a goal in your life is important to you, then taking the time to learn it inside out shouldn’t be seen as an incontinence or hardship, but as a necessary step towards succeeding at it.

Create a Roadmap

If you don’t know where you’re going you’ll likely have a hard time getting there. It’s important to list out what exactly you think success will look like for this particular goal, and then outline the various steps required to get you from where you are now, to the next step in the plan.

Be Patient

Most goals that are worth achieving are likely going to take a while to reach. Don’t get frustrating with slow progress. Try celebrating each small success in order to encourage further small wins along the road toward reaching your goal. If you’re trying to lose twenty pounds, then celebrate each pound lost and move on to the next.

Consistency is Key

When we apply our efforts toward a certain goal it can be tempting to blitz an attack on it, going strong for short bursts and then relaxing. It’s a much better idea to apply a consistent effort toward achieving it. Over time, the consistent approach will pay off much better than the blitz approach. Try incorporating a few key aspects into your daily routine toward achieving the end goal, and once those aspects become habits your efforts will become second nature rather than feeling like work.

Don’t Give Up

The only way to fail is to give up on your journey. It’s doubtful that you chose a goal in the first place that was absolutely impossible for you to achieve so as long as you’re smart about the approach you take toward reaching it, and you continue making strides toward it each and every day, there is no reason you shouldn’t make it as long as you don’t give up!

Success is a mindset, and you’ll find the more success you see in your life, the more confident about achieving it the next time you set a goal you’d like to succeed at.

Your Home Office – What You Need to Know to Stay Safe

Your Home Office - What You Need to Know to Stay Safe

When you operate your own business, you have an awful lot on your shoulders. You cannot afford to get sick or injured because the entire business is in your hands. And since most home-based businesses rely on computers, your business is literally in your hands. That is, if your computer is not set up correctly, you can do so much damage to your hands, arms, and wrists that you won’t be able to do your work. I know, because it happened to me.

Musculoskeletal disorders, which affect tendons, muscles, and ligaments, are a major cause of lost workdays among U.S. workers. Whether you work for someone else or on your own, you are at risk for getting a musculoskeletal disorder if you use a computer.  Read on to learn what I found out about staying safe and protecting my body.

Workstation Design
Ergonomically designed office furniture is great, but you can use the furniture you have to create a safe computer workstation.  It’s all about setting up your desk and workstation so that it’s comfortable for you.

When your computer desk is set up properly, this is how it will be:
·      The top of your monitor will be at eye level or slightly below;
·      Your elbows will be bent at a 90-degree (or slightly less) angle when you are keying.
·      Your hands and wrists will be straight. This is called the neutral position: Forearm and hand are in a straight line. The wrist is neither bent back nor flexed forward.
·      Your shoulders, neck, and arms will be relaxed.
·      Your thighs and legs will form close to a 90-degree angle. Your thighs will be more or less horizontal with the floor; they may be sloped downward slightly.
·      Your legs will rest on the floor or on a footrest.

Working Safely
How you work matters. Here’s what I do to keep my body in good shape while I’m working on the computer.

·      Breaks. If I’m at the computer for a long time, I set a timer and every hour I take a three-minute break. I stretch, shake my arms and legs, squeeze my shoulder blades together, go for a short walk. The idea is to move your body.  Plus, I remind myself to breathe deeply. I’m always surprised at how much more relaxed and productive I am after even a short break.

·      Exercises. Isometric exercises and yoga postures can stretch and strengthen your fingers, hands, forearms, wrists, shoulders, and neck, and may reduce your risk of getting a musculoskeletal disorder. This is what I do: I make a tight fist with one hand, then quickly release the fist and fan out my fingers. I do the same with the other hand. To relax my shoulders, I shrug my shoulders up, squeeze them down, stretch them back, and then pull them forward.

·      Eyes. Every half hour l look away from my computer and into the distance for about 20 seconds. This change in focus helps prevent eyestrain. I blink my eyes frequently to keep them from getting too dry.

More Safety Tips

Here are a few more tidbits I’ve picked up over the years. Simple as they are, they do make my work easier.

·      I keep everything I need for the day within easy reach: stapler, phone, adding machine, pens, and scrap paper. It saves time and saves the strain of reaching.

·      Except for stuff I really need, I keep my desk clear. I keep an outdoor storage bench next to my desk; everything I might need soon goes in or on the bench.

·      I use a headset with the phone. I can multi-task and I don’t have to hold up the phone with my arm or squeeze my neck and shoulder to keep it in place.

My motto is that work shouldn’t hurt. If I feel even a twinge of pain, I stop, relax, move around. If the pain keeps up, I get medical help.  I know my business depends on me and taking care of business includes taking care of my body.

About the Author
Stan Horst works and plays in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, where he runs a family cabin business.  A former cabinetmaker, Stan likes to share his knowledge and expertise by helping people choose the perfect benches from Kingsley Bate from his website www.betterbenches.com. He lives with his wife and two children and their rat terrier named Toby Jax.

How To Setup Your Office For Success

How To Setup Your Office For Success

Do you currently have your own office space? By this I am not talking about your own section of the dinner table, I am talking about an actual room where you have a desk, your computer, a printer or whatever else you need to conduct your business. The reason this is important is because you can’t get as much work done in a general purpose space, you need to have something that you can call your own.

Something that I highly recommend is that you get yourself your own office space if you don’t have one already. What this is going to do is get you into the mood every single day to do what you need to do before anything else. The problem with sharing a space is that you will tent to slack off. Even though you won’t know it at first, you will lose about 10 minutes every hour doing things like day dreaming, surfing the web, watching T.V, talking with others and even going to the bathroom. I know that we all need to go to the bathroom but if you can’t see the bathroom (or the hallway leading up to the bathroom), then you will go about 8% less.

Anyways, enough with the stats, it is time to get down to business and let you know how to setup your office for success.

How To Setup Your Office

Unique Desk

The very first thing that you need in your office is an office desk. If you don’t agree with me on this one, then you need to rethink what you are trying to do. The reason you need a unique office desk is because you need something that will work for you. What I recommend is either an “L” shaped desk or a “U” shaped desk. The reason I recommend these is because you need enough table space to be able to do all your work. Another reason why you need a unique desk is because having something that fits you and your business perfectly is the only way you will get the most work done and be as successful as possible.

Comfortable Chair

Your office chair is not as important as the desk that you sit at but it is still a vital piece to your office. The reason why an office chair is so important and why it needs to be comfortable is because if you don’t feel like sitting down for a long period of time, then you will never get anything done. Think about it, this is just like going on a long distance road trip. If you want to be successful, then you have to be willing to put in those long hours in the office and the only way you can do this is by having a chair that you want to sit on.

Work Computer

When I say work computer, that is exactly what I mean. If you don’t have 2 computers, then you are not going to get as much done as you need to. What I recommend is having 1 computer for your personal use and another computer strictly for business. The reason I recommend this is because getting rid of all the personal distractions while you work will make your efficiency skyrocket.

Now as we both know, there are other things that you will need to be successful but these are the most important things that every office needs. Whether you are doing affiliate marketing, SEO, freelance writing or are a virtual assistant doesn’t matter, what matter is that you have the office space necessary to do what you need to do.

Methods To Become A More Efficient Online Businessman

Methods To Become A More Efficient Online Businessman

When you think of an online businessman, what comes to your mind? Do you picture them all sitting by the beach sipping Mai-tai’s? What you need to understand is that most online businessmen that make a good amount of money are not sitting by the beach or the pool, instead they are working diligently in their office.

I know, this is not what you wanted to picture but it is the truth.

Have you ever heard those affiliate marketers say that they are making hundreds of thousands of dollars while only working 2 hours per day? What they don’t tell you is that they had to do a lot of work before that in order to work only 2 hours per day. The reason I wanted to tell you this is because online businessmen spend hours in their office just to get to where they are now. Being that I don’t want you spending 15 hours per day in your office, I am going to give you a few methods to become a more efficient online businessman.

Methods To Become More Efficient

5/25 Method

Have you ever heard of the 5/25 method? What this consists of is simply 5 minutes of planning and 25 minutes of action. So what I mean by this is you will spend 5 minutes figuring out what you will do for the next 25 minutes and then start the process over again. The reason this works so well is because you have a set period of time that you will do nothing but work and the other 5 minutes will go towards planning. Any leftover time in that half an hour will be free time for you to do whatever you want to do.

Mastermind Groups

If you have spent much time learning about what the gurus do, then you know that you must be part of a mastermind group. All a mastermind group consists of is a few (or as many as you want) people that deal in the same industry as you do. So for instance, if I was a writer I would find some people that are also writers to join the group. In the group you will talk about goals, achievements and anything that will help you get to where you want to be.

Own Your Calendar

When I say own your calendar I don’t mean you need to own one. What I mean is that you need to be in control of your time and how you use it. What I highly recommend is that you block out a certain portion of every day so that you can stick to getting your work done. Most people that work for themselves don’t think this way, they just think that they can work when they have free time. Trust me, if you think you can work in your free time, then you will never make the kind of money that you need to.

If you are serious about making money online, then you need to be as efficient as possible. One of the reasons so many people quit trying to make money online is because they are not making as much as they want to in the time that they have. Just remember, you don’t need more time you just need to be more efficient.