September 16, 2014

Traffic Generation Day Two – Guest Posting

Traffic Generation Day Two – Guest Posting

I hope you had a very productive last couple of days and are now ready to move on. What you must understand is that you can’t completely neglect link building, you need to keep doing it but do is sparingly. Trust me, if you continue with the link building techniques that I showed you in the first email your site will rank really high rather fast and that is what you want.

Today I am going to show you a couple methods to get traffic that most people are aware of but just don’t do – email marketing and guest posting. Both of these methods are fairly easy to do and almost guarantee you more traffic.

Let’s get right to it!

Email Marketing

If you have an email list, then you need to be using it as much as possible. I am not saying that you need to send an email to your list every day or so but you need to keep in touch so that they know who you are and that you are not just spamming them.

One tip that I have for anybody with an email list is that they should send out an email at least once a week. Even if the email is only there to say “Hi” or check in. Trust me, if you email somebody just to see how they are doing, then you will get a much better response than if you try and sell them something.

Another tip that I have for you is to give advice directly through your emails. Most people think that they have to write a post or page on their website and then get people to it but that is not always the case. If you send out a couple of emails every day, then 1 email that doesn’t link directly to your website will be just fine.

Guest Posts

A guest post is very easy to do, all you need to do is find a blog that will allow guest posting and then provide them with a post. Just like on, I love it when people send me guest posts that provide great tips and tricks for my readers and if you have something that relates to the site, and then feel free to email me.

What I highly recommend is that you bookmark all of the websites that you read related to your website because at some point those will be your bread and butter guest posting sites. I know you might not think they will be but trust me; sites that you are already reading will be easier to guest post for.

My Secret: Something that I suggest more than anything is guest posting on a site that gives recognition to their top commentators. The reason for this is because you will write the guest post and then reply to every single comment that is made. If you write just 1 article for every blog that does this, then you will have 1 life-long link on the guest post and 1 site wide link each month. This is a lot of links and that is what you need to get the most traffic from guest posts.

Ok, that is all for the second part of this 5 part series. Make sure you spend today and tomorrow sending an email to your email list and also write 1 decent guest post. Again, if you have time go back and do some more link building and then watch for part 3 of the 5 part traffic generation series.

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  1. Great tips Warren,

    I always tell people to have a conversation with your list. That’s what it’s for right and that’s why they’ll stick with you. I do email at least twice a week, maybe sometimes three times if I’m sharing something but I always just treat them like they are my friends. Hopefully they are by now!

    Guest posting, ah yes. Something I don’t do enough of but it’s just too time consuming for me. Heck, I spend enough time on my own posts so I really just go nuts with guest posts. Wanting to make sure they are just right and always afraid that wherever I write, they won’t appreciate my style. People say to write for their readers but I still have to write in my own voice right! It just always makes me nervous that’s all.

    Great tips my friend and like this series you’re doing. Very very helpful..

    Hope you’re having a great week and all is good on the home front! :-)
    Adriennes recent post ..Are You Fans Of Reality TV?

    • I’m with you Adrienne and try and stay in contact with my list without always trying to sell to them.

      You’re always welcome to guest post here Adrienne (and you can write in any voice you choose! :)

      Thanks, I’m glad you’re enjoying them!
      Talk to you soon!

  2. Hi Warren,

    E-mail marketing is the best way to make money online these days. But, you have to be careful to treat your subscribers like real people and not just shove sales offers down their throat. As for guest blogging, I am at the point where I need to and want to start guest posting, I just have not done so yet.

    If you are willing, I wouldn’t mind submitting a guest post here.

    Let me know what you think.

    Talk soon,

    Jeremy Ruggles @ Internet Marketing Tipss recent post ..Daily Routine For Great Traffic Flow