July 25, 2016

Images On Blog Posts Can Make The Difference

Images On Blog Posts Can Make The Difference

Impact of Nice Images on Blog Posts

Imagine an article on a delicious cupcake with a wonderful recipe. What comes to your mind instantly? Definitely it would be none other than a mouthwatering cupcake. The reason is that human mind thinks in the form of images. That is why people reading the same novel perceives differently as they create images in accordance to their personal choices. This human nature can be very effectively used to make eye-catching blog posts.

You should be very careful in the selection of images. They should compliment, not overwhelm your blog. The image should be closely related to the content otherwise it would leave a negative impact.

Images can be created on your own in different paint programs. Some nice photographs can also be used for the purpose.   Images have a very lasting impact on viewer’s mind. Using effective images can have a number of benefits like:

1.       Friendly Interface:

All kind of blog posts cannot contain images but they can be used when you have long text. A wonderfully written blog can suddenly become boring if written in a monotonous way. Images have got the unique ability of catching attention and maintaining reader’s’ interest. Single or multiple images if used in the proper manner can create friendly blogs.

2.       Lasting Results:

Nice images have got a long lasting impact but make sure that the image should have high quality resolution and should not be blur.

3.       Better SEO:

Another interesting feature of using images is that search engines rank blogs higher who have got better visibility. Google ranks those websites higher who have got good content and whose pages don’t look alike.

4.       Different Feel With Varying Alignments:

This can further be enhanced by varying alignments, i.e. one page can contain right alignment of image, other can have left alignment etc. With the help of these minor differences, each page in your blog posts can have a different feel and impact.

5.       More Impact with Borders:

You can simply add borders to your images by applying stroke effect in Photoshop. This will increase page’s beauty and will allow the image to suddenly popup.

6.       Effective Screenshots:

Screenshots are a great form of images which can be widely used while explaining any kind of software and referring to any menu particularly.

7.       High Engagement:

With so many blogs on the internet, it becomes difficult to engage the audience. Your blog should have something unique and striking. Images, if used properly serve the purpose and increase the overall quality of the page too. Reader’s experience can therefore be enhanced by use of simple yet effective visuals.

8.       Increase in Traffic:

You can certainly increase the traffic to your blog posts too by attracting and engaging more viewers through proper use of images. .

With the use of nice and relevant images where necessary, you can thus generate some real awesome blog posts with loyal audience who can ultimately prove to be a big source of inspiring others too.


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  1. I have always tried to incorporate an image into my blog posts. I like the fact that they will help increase the traffic to your site and they can benefit your on-page SEO.
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    • Yeah, likewise one of the best blogging investments I made was an image subscription package. I love having a pool of high quality images to pull from to enhance my posts.
      I’m off to read your post about the challenge! :)

  2. I need to get a image package. I keep pulling images off Google and I don’t really like doing that.
    Adam@Earn Money Online recently posted…My Secret To Winning Mega Millions And The End Of The ChallengeMy Profile

  3. The first time I did it it was $199 and you could download 25 images a day for 30 days (750 images)
    Now it’s at $250. but they have some amazing images and you’d find them for all your niche sites as well.

    I used fotolia http://www.plrinternetmarketing.com/fotolia
    (Affiliate link as if you didn’t know) LOL

    Last time around I missed a day and only got 725, but it was still worth it! :)

  4. Harleena Singh from Freelance Writer says:

    So true!

    I simply love putting up images related to the post on my blog as well, and most of the time hunting for the apt image takes much longer than writing the post for me :)

    I guess images or the visual impact an image has is much greater than plain text, and they add so much more life to a post I feel.

    Thanks for sharing :)
    Harleena Singh@Freelance Writer recently posted…What are the Health Benefits of Fasting?My Profile

  5. thank you for sharing these pointers, it is very useful and very interesting. i will be sure to return to read up on more of your posts.
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