June 30, 2016

Advertising as an Income Stream

Advertising as an Income Stream

While most of you are hopefully developing more than one stream of revenue for your blog, today I wanted to talk about one in particular and that’s advertising.

A typical blog can incorporate several advertising methods and locations throughout the site without detracting from the overall user’s experience.  Remember, it’s never a good idea to try and confuse your readers so they aren’t sure where the ad ends and the content begins.

Another consideration when choosing which advertisers and products to align yourself with, is do they fit with the demographic that currently visits your blog? If you write about photography, then showing ads for sailboats might not be the best fit for you. Try to tailor your ads with products that can actually benefit your readers, and enhance their lives.

You may also want to consider rotating your ads so that readers aren’t continually faced with offers for the same product. You may even end up increasing your sales, because after a reader has purchased a product it won’t matter how many impressions you flash in front of him…he’s not going to buy it a second time!

Here are a few of the more popular ad models that are available to you throughout your blog and its assets.

Banner Advertising

Banners are visual ads that can be placed throughout your site. A few of the more traditional spots include (but are not limited to):

– The header
– The Footer
– Sidebar
– Above, below, or even within the post itself
– Post specific (If your post on the Canon rebel becomes popular online that would be a great place for a Canon dealer  to actually advertise the camera itself)

Often going through a broker will result in more advertisers; the tradeoff of course is that they take a percentage of the sale each month.

Text Link Ads

There are plenty of sites who are willing to pay for a contextual link from another ranking site within their industry. A typical PageRank 3 website or blog can expect to pull in $25.00 per month per link with these. You should always specify that you are selling the link, and not the PR benefits.

Sponsored Reviews

Companies are more than willing to pay you for your time in writing out a review on their product, service, or even their website. Depending on the length of the review, the quality of writing, and of course the value you place on your skills It isn’t uncommon for blog owners to charge anywhere from $100.00 to $500.00 per review.

Sponsored Tweets

Most of us have incorporated social media into our blogs, and have invested time and energy into building a loyal following using platforms such as Twitter and can reap the rewards that come with those numbers. When you consider there are users with 50,000 followers getting $50.00 per tweet you start to get an idea of the potential these lists have for their owners. As with any type of advertising you look at, try to keep the subject relevant to the topics you already cover.

E-Mail Marketing

Depending how long you’ve been blogging for you may or may not have started building a subscriber list of people who have opted in (usually for a gift or reward of some kind), and which is known as permission based marketing.

You can choose to sell ad space within the emails themselves, or you can sell them the entire mail out after you’ve approved the message being sent of course.

Contextual Ads

Using services like Google’s AdSense, or Kontera’s contextual text to show your readers advertisements that are relevant to the material on the current page is probably one of the easiest methods to get started earning with. With these ads you get paid either after showing a certain amount of ads, or when a visitor clicks on an ad and you then earn anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars depending on the type and quality of the ad that was being shown at that time.

Feedburner Ads

Integrating AdSense into your feeds can also be a great way to give your AdSense earnings a boost. Google has made it a fairly simple process that will likely take you no more than a few minutes to implement, and depending on the size of your subscribers base could result in a few more clicks a day for you. The tradeoff will of course be the showing of ads in a spot where readers have already become accustomed to none.

When it comes to earning money with your blog there is no shortage of opportunities lying around awaiting your decision and subsequent use. The thing will often be choosing the best methods that fit in with the topic and style of your blog and strike a balance between offering up high quality content for your readers, while also allowing you to earn a living.


About Warren

Warren Wooden launched PLR Internet Marketing back in March of 2010 and spends his days (and some nights) trying to strike a balance between offering up high quality information for his readers, while at the same time earning a living with his blog.
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  1. Lots of bloggers do not take advantage of the advertising opportunities of their blog. Indeed, there are a lot of ways to incorporate marketing and promotion to blogs. This is also another way to earn money as bloggers. Thank you for giving a very clear overview of this opportunity. Hope you can take every item in full detail to your succeeding entries.

    • Thanks Kenneth, you’re totally right. I see so many people either not integrate it at all, or simply start and end with Google AdSense and never really realize their blogs true advertising potential.

      At the end of the day we’re all leaving money on the table, it’s just a matter of figuring out the best way to capture whats already there.

  2. Hi Warren,
    Great article jammed packed with awesome ideas. I am certainly going to be checking out
    so of the resources you mentioned.

    I totally agree your site has to be congruent. Confused visitors don’t buy anything.

    The one technique I am most intrigued by is Kontera’s contextual text. I have never heard of it

    Have you used it before?

    Look forward to reading more of your content

    wishing you success,
    Jeff Faldalen@Attraction Marketing Specialist recently posted…Steve Jobs life and what it can mean for youMy Profile

    • Hi Jeff, I’ve used them before on another site in a different niche. To be honest it wasn’t worth losing the visitor for amount they pay. I think if you had a high traffic site that wasn’t making money it might be a good fit, but if you’re able to monetize the traffic you already have there are much better opportunities kicking around.

      Stopped by for a visit, nice site! Made sure to “like” the fan page.

      Have a great weekend Jeff

  3. Great post about the income streams from advertising. If your blog is an information blog, it’s okay to draw revenues from advertisements. But, if you promote your own business, the advertisement content may be the competitor of your own business.
    viviana@network marketing success recently posted…Dear Prospects, What is Your BIGGEST Fear of Starting a Network Marketing Business?My Profile

    • Hi Viviana, thanks so much for stopping by. The great thing about owning your own website or blog though is that you get to decide which ads you want to show. If you happen to be in the list management niche then you might stay away from competitors like Aweber and iContact, but have no issue with showing ads from hosting companies, or domain registration companies. It’s all about finding the right fit between your readers, yourself, and your advertisers. :)

  4. Hey Warren,

    Great post, you really covered it all.

    I personally don’t like a lot of ads on my blog. But I haven’t set my blog up to make me money in that respect because I use mine for more of a marketing tool. I don’t necessarily want people leaving my site to go check out some product where I’m not going to make much commission. I would rather have that reader stay on my blog.

    I do believe that by building those relationships with my readers though that they have come to know and trust me so when I do promote products to them through my newsletter, they know I only share what I truly believe in.

    I know most people are here though to make the money and monetize their blogs to the best of their ability. You’ve definitely given us enough information to do just that.

    Adrienne recently posted…How To Be Attractive When You Have No CredibilityMy Profile

  5. Hi Warren,

    A very comprehensive list here – I’m sure there is something here for everyone. Just as Adrienne explained I too use my blog mainly as a personal branding tool for my overall marketing strategy, and want to build trust and loyalty with my readers. When you then offer advice on something to buy you may get a better result, if you are providing advice you think is in their best interests.

    Rachael Slorach recently posted…Nothing Else Matters! Do you have Business Integrity?My Profile

    • Hi Rachael, and there is definitely something to be said about the clean crisp look of a branded blog without the advertising on it. I say if it suits the goals you’ve set out and accomplishes them you’ve managed to build the business path you set for yourself, and will have fun traveling down it for sure! :)

      I appreciate your comment, thanks for stopping in!

  6. Hey,Really A great Post!!!!!!
    Nice Topic to be discussed!!!!!!!
    Looking forward for more post like this!!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!

  7. A lot of bloggers I relying on a huge SEO to monetize their blogs. But “content+ SEO”=money.

  8. Hi Warren,

    There are some ideas here that I have never heard of, this is a very comprehensive list! I like to keep the ads to a minimum on my blog, I have a few affiliate banners on the side and also a good sized list in my resources section. I definitely want to promote products that relate to my site and that I personally know are quality products!

    Stacy@Blogging Tips recently posted…The Double Edged Sword of Personal DevelopmentMy Profile

  9. Hi Warren,
    Glad to meet you.
    Well, there are a lot of sources here..with a part I’m very familiar with the rest not.

    As you said, it’s important to keep a balance between monetizing a blog and the other aspects like content and interaction with readers. Creating a community is a long term investment in my opinion that will generate a lot of income. In the beginning banners, email marketing and reviews work great :)

    I appreciate the time and the work invested in this post. Great work.
    Radu recently posted…4 quick tips for your home based business from… RatatouilleMy Profile

    • It’s great to meet you as well Radu, I enjoyed my visit to your blog.

      I’ve watched quite a few “make money blogging” courses put out by top internet marketers and not one of them managed to include a chapter on what you’ve pointed out here. Community! Building one and maintaining it is crucial to your blogs success in my opinion.

  10. Hi Warren, wow what an informative post.

    Advertising isn’t something I have focused on… well… placing ads that is.

    I have thought about incorporating Adsense into some of my niche sites. I was always worried it might take away from my post or the affiliate links though. With that said, I guess that is where the ‘balance’ has to come into play.

    Definitely something I will have to look into. Have never heard of Kontera.

    Thanks so much for this great push…I need a push sometime!

    Jayne Kopp recently posted…I Just Nominated 15 Great Bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award!My Profile

    • Hi Jayne, ads are one of those things that if they are there from the beginning nobody seems to mind (as long as you’ve integrated them properly), but I’ve tried adding ads into sites that were previously without and that is a whole other ball game.

      It’s true what they say. “People don’t like change” :)

  11. Thanks for stopping by! Have a good one!

  12. I have heard of all of them and they do work. I think we should incorporate at least one of those income streams into our blogs to generate some residual income.

  13. Nice post .Many of these are still uncommon to people who are in this field . If they follow these steps I am sure that they will succeed in their field.

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  14. Hi Warren,

    Thank you for this incredible, value-added post! Many good ideas for professional bloggers with regards to building multiple streams of income through a blog. For others, like myself, who use their blog as a branding vehicle, it may be more appropriate to advertise external ventures through your list. Either way wonderful ideas here. Thank you for sharing your expertise!
    A. Leigh Edwards recently posted…5 Ways to Flow Gracefully Through Change and Trust Your IntuitionMy Profile

  15. Hi!!! I am Sabrina and I just started my website less than a month ago. Because I have gambling content on my website, Google Adsense did not accepted my application. Are there any other pay by click companies I can work for? You have a great website by the way. Thanks for the information!

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  18. Great blog thanks for sharing, advertising online will give a good income when we work hard on it :)
    Rosel@Yachts recently posted…122’ Oceanfast Super Yacht – Never Say NeverMy Profile

  19. Great list of advertising options. I never thought of sponsored Tweets! I have tried most of the options that you have listed, but I hadn’t thought of that one yet. I will definitely be checking it out. Thanks for a great post.
    Bob@what is a sound bar recently posted…vizio soundbar best price and discountMy Profile

  20. I had no idea that you could make money from reviewing the products of others. Do you have any info on how I could get involved in that? I would love to see a post on how that works.

    Also, I heard that banners are becoming a bit spammy. Facebook has started putting banner ads on their pages and I’m already getting turned off just from seeing them. If they were just text ads I might not feel so strong about it.
    Dale@Make Passive Income Now recently posted…Product Review – CashCrateMy Profile

  21. Two of my hoping means of income in my blog is adsense and infolinks as I always seem them most on the blogs today.

  22. Aside from building trust and authority, organic traffic is another key factor to work on in order to reap considerable profits from online advertising as this translates to more exposure for your site and ultimately more sales. No traffic means no visitors, no sales, no money. Also strive to deliver high-quality, relevant, valuable and engaging content as this will encourage visitors to take action in the end such as clicking your relevant ads or signing up for a newsletter.

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  24. For any business, advertisement is must. E-mail marketing is a very effective form. It is cost effective, environment friendly, provides better business communication and target marketing.

    • Hey June, glad you agree, and you’re right about it being environmentally friendly! :)

      Thanks so much for your comment.

  25. Advertisement is indeed must must. PPC is the fastest way and most volumed traffic to your site. However it can cost you a fortune.

    I wish you post something about PPC later 😉

    • I actually have a great article I wrote on PPC and was going to use as a guest post. Perhaps I’ll post it here instead! :)

      I agree, it can cost a small fortune! Especially for those of us who don’t spend our days doing PPC as an income source and so aren’t as knowledgable in getting the best rates etc.

  26. Hey Warren, what is your thoughts on too much advertisements and actually giving your readers too much to choose from?


    • Hey Frank, that is a concern for sure! I think if you take a little extra time and try to tie in the ads to fit with your audience they won’t distract too much and even if they’re clicked will benefit (if there’s a purchase of course) both your reader, and you with the commission.

      On your site you might advertise a lead management program because It’s likely something every serious MLM marketer would find useful.

      It all comes down to what the goal is for your website.
      Start out by listing out all the things you expect your site to deliver. And order them by number of importance – 1 for most important. Obviously only 1 thing can be the number 1 thing.

      1. Capture the lead (email address)
      2. Provide high quality content for my readers
      3. Grow my social network (Twitter, Fan page, etc.)
      4. Make affiliate sales
      5. Generate Ad income
      6. Promote my own products, services, or coaching.

      This is just an example, but you see where I’m going with. Once YOU’VE figured out what’s important you can then structure you site to reflect that.

  27. It’s just simply to apply all the models properly. From the banner design, it must be unique, good to sight for anyone and remarkable. Don’t too obvious that you’re advertising a product because it will not be entertained. I observe that there are many advertised product out there that’s too desperate and irritating which are not so good techniques for advertising. An example for that is the message box that pops out when you open a website. It’s not a good example because it’s irritating to the visitor which is not entertaining. I suggest having a simple but well-designed banners, ads and contents for your site and I think you’ll have good result.

    • Definitely there are so many ads nowadays that you have to have a unique message or approach. The recent Mercedes campaign with the invisible car is a good example of “unique” LOL

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  28. I personally do not like a lot of ads on my blog. But I prefer my google adsense to put on my blog. however, I was a little bit confused because the income from Adsense is less satisfactory. If you do not mind a good tips to optimize revenue from adsense. thanks
    Agus recently posted…A Key to Success in Business by Effective CommunicationMy Profile

    • Ultimately a person should have ads for his or her own products rather than having ads that take visitors AWAY from their site for a nothing more than pocket change.
      AdSense works amazing for some people, while others seem to have better luck with private ads (myself). I guess that is why we need to keep testing and tweaking to see what works, and how we can improve it!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  29. I remember reading a blog post by Jeremy Shoemaker a while back where he stated that advertising is the best way to make money online. I like it not only because I make money but it helps to increase your guaranteed income for the month as well.

    • Easy for someone with massive traffic to say LOL
      I think it takes about 4000 daily visitors to bring in a full time income through advertising alone. (I’m working on it!)

  30. I agree, the best way to earn money online is by advertising and by affiliate commission as well. Google adsense? not much but you can still earn money from PPC.
    Jeff@arbitrage portfolio recently posted…Real Effective Tax Rate CalculatorMy Profile

    • Hey Jeff a lot of people have started pulling AdSense (I did almost entirely 6 months ago or so) out of fear of losing their accounts. Google is going through and closing accounts all over the web. I heard recently that they even closed Zac Johnson’s down, and he’s been using them for years, and definitely knows his way around PPC and affiliate marketing (understatement).

      Will be interesting to see how things play out online in the coming months/years for sure.

  31. Nice. I tried banner adverts.. at times it works … Now, I’m trying your sponsored tweets. Do you have the URL of that or, is it just in twitter.