June 29, 2016

Long Tail Keywords and SEO: What’s the catch?

Long Tail Keywords and SEO: What’s the catch?

It is sensational to deal with keywords which generate more than 1000 searches per day or even more than that. But in reality these keywords constitute very little amount of the total searches made. The catch lies in the long tail keywords that constitute about the rest 70% of the search market. This tail consist of thousands unique searches that are performed every day, seasonal months or may be once in the week but when stressed in aggregate they form the queue for generating significant information through search engines.

1. Long tail keywords form an essential part of SEO; it is extensively used by internet marketers to optimize websites, they are formed from two or more words that are feed in the search engine. If included in ordered way your site features for one or two words in the tail.

2. The competition for long tail keywords is considered to be low as they generate very less traffic and most internet marketers concentrate on high traffic generating keywords. You can use few long tail keywords in the content of the site to build a foundation for better traffic.

3. Among the various taints of capturing traffic through the long tail, is creating compatible content that could target relevant audience. Start by sorting and preparing a list of important keywords from Google Adwords keywords tool, targeting your website niche. Use these keywords in the content, title, Meta keywords and URL. Probability of getting a search for a long tail phrase is greatly increased if you have included long tail phrase or at least the words used to form that tail.

4. Make sure the content is catchy and informative as you include the long tail keywords, to get optimum results from search engines. User generated content (UGC) can be a great way to obtain keywords that will help attract long tail keywords. UGC comprises of forums, reviews, blog comments and to such extend Videos or images. A user does all the hard work of posting the content that may contribute to the long tail. Still you need to moderate them to make sure they are free of spam.

5. One aspect of long tail keywords is their fluctuation; some keywords are searched in heavy numbers during certain time of the year. Like during Christmas or Valentine day. Since search engines take considerable amount of time to rank the sites you would want to start advance preparation for these seasonal keywords. A long-term SEO approach would benefit as a part of the strategy.

Keyword research is a complex and time consuming topic, but the rewards are high. Once you learn where the keyword search volume is, you can begin to think about how that affects the information structure of your site. Taking these two aspects into consideration, try building your content to optimize for SEO.


About the author: Alyssa Clarke is a blogger who has a fetish for tech stuff. Being an Apple lover, she recently bought a very cool designer iPhone dock. She also happens to be car lover and her dream machine is Peugeot 208.