June 26, 2016

Is content alone enough to get your site ranking shoot up?

Is content alone enough to get your site ranking shoot up

You must have heard thousand times that content is king in search engine optimization. But is it truly that important? And even if content is important, how far articles and words can push your page ranking up in search result pages.

First of all, we must face that SEO marketers can do almost nothing without content. But we don’t also deny that simple bulk-generated articles with vanilla words won’t take you anywhere. Let’s face it. All major search engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing – are assigning more weight to contents, which carry value for target audiences. If you are eager to know how a compelling content should in post-panda search engine optimization follow this article.

1. To begin with, cut down on bulk small size articles. Search engines are giving less importance to these articles. In fact, as a site owner or webmaster, we also realize that it is not always easy to make justice to topics within 500 words. According to Gorank.com, right now average page size of any Google search result stands at 943 words. The same stands at 1305 words for Yahoo search results. So, you must go for 750 words onwards articles. If budget limits, opt for less number of article but never compromise on quality.

2. Search engines can’t do away with keywords. But too much, of keywords, is not desirable. In fact, in post-panda world, Google assumes even 2% keyword density as spamming. Isn’t it a fix? However, there is a way-out. You can bypass direct keywords with synonymous keywords without distorting idea of your article. Search engines love this.

3. Search engines like authority sites. It is an open secret. But for you it won’t be easy to earn authority tag from search giants. This is even tougher for competitive keywords. We thought to have a solution.

Don’t start with industry standard keywords. Do some research and find out specific keywords. Try to make them as specific as possible. It is true that they won’t bring in heavy traffic. But if you manage to deliver top-quality articles then visitors would share them on social networks. This will earn your site authority status for those keywords and topics. And once you have authority tag for lesser known and specific keywords, no body stops you venturing into more popular keywords.

4. We often mean written articles only when talk about SEO content. But content can be information in any form – images, video, graphics, charts or audio narration. As an internet marketer, you cannot avoid them. Complement your articles with charts, images, videos and other informative pieces. Your content will be more crispy and user friendly. Besides, search engines also prefer good mix of written words along with other visual, graphical and narrative pieces.

The take away from this article is, value added SEO content never misses the bull’s eye. Understand what search engines are asking for and adjust the content style accordingly without any compromise on value.

About the author: Alyssa Clerke is a blogger who also happens to be a tech freak. She is always on a look out for latest gadgets and apps and right now hunting for some new Android apps. She is a hardcore biker as well and her dream machine is the dyson air multiplier, a futuristic bike.